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Grameen Phone Overview

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Grameenphone – An Overview
Since 1997 the widely acclaimed “Village Phone Program” of Grameenphone – a joint venture telecom company, set up by Grameen Bank, with foreign (Norwegian) capital3 – has provided telephones to 39,000 villages in Bangladesh, bringing access to the telephone networks to some 70 million people. This extraordinary achievement is rightly cited in the development literature as a success, an innovation which managed to bring the Information Society to the remotest and most unlikely places of the country. Most studies of the initiative have focused on the socio-economic benefits that new technology such as cell phones can bring rural communities, giving the impression that the program is philanthropic in intention, presenting Grameenphone as a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing connectivity for the poor. This assumption does not reflect reality. GP is above all a business. The company provides a good example of a multi-stakeholder partnership, as recommended in the Plan of Action of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held in Geneva in December 2003.4 It highlights the role of the private sector not only as a market player but also as an effective and dynamic stimulator of development. This case-study aims at presenting the various stakeholders involved in GP, identifying their respective role, responsibilities and interests, briefly analyzing the way these different institutions interact, and assessing how much the experience can be replicated in other countries to bring similar benefits there.

Ownership Structure of GP
It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor...

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