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"Grand Design" Review

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According the article “Grand Design” by Rebecca Goozee businesses such as; Google, Nike and Oakley are creating new innovative designs for their workplaces. These alternative workplaces are a change from the norm. They provide workers with interesting building layouts and outside of the box amenities. The goals of these changes are to stimulate the creativity of employees and to improve their overall efficiency in the work place. In an attempt to foster creativity the company DreamWorks Animation has created elaborate landscaping between the two buildings of their facilities. The landscaping takes workers on a long scenic route between the two buildings. This walk between buildings allows employees to slow down, get some fresh air and think. This can sometimes be exactly what someone who has hit a mental road block may need. Another work place innovation to stimulate creativity in this article comes from United Kingdom based Aardman Studio. The studio created extra wide stairways in its buildings and booths next to stairways. The extra wide stairways are to provide space for people who work in different parts of the studio to talk. Communication with people from different departments has helped workers come up with new creative ideas. The article also highlights how businesses are using alternative workplaces to help improve the efficiency of their workers. One of the most common ways this is being done is by offering a place where workers can nap or meditate while at work. Google offers “napping pods” where workers can go for 20 minutes during the day to take a quick nap. The nap helps workers refresh and refocus on their days tasks. Other businesses are offering scooters, fire-poles and slides to provide an entertaining and faster way for workers to get around the office....

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