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Grand Times

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Kaity Del Villar
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27 August 2014
Grand Times After school every day my sister, Kara, and I would go to my grandfathers house to wait for our mom to get off work. This was the regular until about eighth grade when my mom decided she could trust me to watch over things at our house until she came home. But visits to my grandpa were still regular things. We would go to his house at least once a day.
My grandpa was a typical “Get off my lawn you stinking kids” old man. He was a soldier. He was a weekend alcoholic. He wasn’t a very affectionate man. He didn’t say I love you. Ever. I said it to him one time but all he did was “Eh”. Though me and my grandpa were extremely close. We built many things together. We made a go cart out of a ride mower, built a porch, and built a shed. I feel like that was his way of showing his affection.
He only lived a few blocks away when he decided to come live with us. He was 75 and couldn’t really live on his own anymore. My mom was pretty much his care giver. Living with parkinsons wasn’t easy for an artist. He was an extremely talented artist, but when the parkinsons started to get really bad, it was clear how it affected his art work.
My grandpa and I tried to get along most of the time but when he moved in it became more and more difficult. I was only 15 and going through that “you’re not the boss of me” kind of stage. He was the old man who hated teenagers. Some might say there was a lot of yelling around the house. I said a lot of mean things to him many a time.
My grandpa fell off our porch one day while he was alone. When my mom and I got home, our neighbors had told us that they called an ambulance for him and that he was at the hospital. Mom and I raced to the hospital and my aunts and uncles were already there. But we had received no information prior to getting to the hospital.
He broke...

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