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Nicole Yegiyants
English 95
Professor David Fulps
12 October 2015
My Grandma My confidant, my counselor, my best friend, my Grandma! From the time I was born until now my grandmother Emma, who is now old and frail stands to be the most influential person in my life. My grandma helped me throughout these years to become a kind, compassionate and at the same time a strong and resilient person that I am now.
My grandmother has a very special place in my heart; she helped me grow as a person and gave me a lot of love along the way. My memorable experiences interacting with her have shaped me through the years I was growing up. I consider myself lucky to have her by my side, seeing her every Saturday and during my high school years seeing her every day after school. I cannot imagine going thought tough years of high school without her support and her guidance. And now my beloved grandma, who is now bedridden, is still waiting for my daily phone calls and visits, and we still share our private times and good laughs together. The influences she has made on me are not just through one specific experience, but through many experiences whether her helping me with my homework, or counseling me or simply having conversations with her. These experiences were always guided with her love towards people, her own kindness, optimism, her wisdom and compassion.
From the time I was in grade school I had a close bond with my grandma, as I would see her on a weekly basis. She would not only teach me to read and write in Armenian every Saturday, but also together, we would discuss the stories we would read and analyze characters traits. There was always a lesson that she would teach about kindness and compassion. My Grandma has a very good sense of humor; and she and I always share a good laugh. This made her lessons so much fun and made our weekends so memorable and enjoyable.
Reflecting back to these memories of spending my time with this amazing woman is that all of my childhood experiences were filled with endless love and kindness. She taught me to study hard in school and never give up on anything. She always taught me to be kind and positive. What makes her like nobody else is that she is always fair, so wise and her advice is like nobody else’s. Henry Drummond says, “… the people who influence you are the people who believe in you.” My grandma always shows confidence in me, is always supportive of me, and helps me become confident in my decisions and me.
During High School years I had an opportunity to see my grandma every day where I would walk to her house after school. I found this to be the most important times for a teenager and I appreciate and feel lucky to have her guidance and her influences. I remember when I was at my worst days I turned to my grandma who was like my therapist. She greeted me with warm food and kind heart ready to hear about anything every day when I would go to her house after school. I opened up to her in ways I couldn’t open up to anyone else. I don’t know what I couldn’t have done without her guidance and support no matter what situation I was facing. For example, one of my worst times was my last year of high school. I know high school could be hard for some people, and so I turned on to my grandma for support. She is also an excellent listener and consoler. She told me how to survive and manage the bad times and how everything will be alright. I remember one specific time when I was being name called in class and when it became so bad it made me cry. I also remember a period where I became so depressed and stopped eating because of several classmates that were harassing with name calls and making fun of my voice. I was certainly trying to be confident at my school and my grandma helped me do that. I didn’t fit in with them and ignored the bullies. My grandma was able to show me and teach me how to be strong and understanding at the same time; she was there by my side and he guidance helped me overcome my sadness and before I graduated and understood that they’re not better than me because my grandma taught me that I should treat everyone with kindness despite the fact some people will not like me for who I am. I ended up graduating happy and being confident while following my grandma’s lessons. I was less shy around the people in high school that I feared my whole life because I thought they controlled me, but really they’re like everyone else. Thanks to my grandma I’m living happier and have more positive ways doing what’s good for me and the people I love. She influenced me in ways I am today by making sure I do what’s good for me without compromising my most important personality traits: kindness and compassion.
My grandma Emma is a very special person to me. I like to consider her, and always will, as my best friend since my love for her is so strong. I am very proud of who I have become thanks to her. I am lucky to have my grandma for supporting me throughout these years, for her loving heart and for the kind of person she is. The experiences we share will always fill my heart with emotions of passion, gratitude, and love.

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