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Grandmas House

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Grandma’s house was always warm, and inviting. The night before mine and my cousin, Aja’s, cross country road trip, when I was about 9, we spent the night at our grandparent’s house. I remember like it was yesterday. We always slept in the living room, in front of the fireplace. The wall opposite of the fireplace was the kitchen, and dining room. Directly across the room from the fireplace, in the dining room, was the door to enter the garage, and in the garage was a room. The room in the garage was the hobby room, were we used to do crafts and make ceramics. When you entered the garage, straight ahead, you would see a screen door and the door into the hobby room. To the right was a door, that lead outside to the back yard, and once outside, to the left, was the gate to proceed to the front yard. All of us, including my grandparents, where gathered around the fireplace roasting marshmallow’s to make s’mores, and watching The Wizard of Oz. Around nine o’clock that evening was time for bed, Aja and I arranged thick mat’s on the floor, in front of the fireplace to form a large bed. We decided to stay up, after my grandparents went to bed to play some card games. After much debate, we decided to play a game of war in front of the roaring fire. Aja, won the first round, and I won the second round. We started playing gin rummy next; it was pretty fun and lasted quite some time. It was getting pretty late, and by now it was ten thirty. I threw some more wood on the fire, and hopped under the covers. Our heads where near the fireplace, and our feet pointed towards the door that leads into the garage. After lying down for a few minutes the door to the hobby room started to squeak, then the screen door squeaked, it sounded, as if, someone was leaving the room. Next, we heard a key slide into the lock, and the lock slide into the locked position. The screen door...

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Grandmas House

...Grandma’s House My Grandmother’s house was a place that made me feel happy. It had many hiding places and I always found new fun things to do. Grandma’s house was like a home away from home. There was always good food to eat, lots of toys to play with and I could play dress up with grandma’s old clothes. I was the only child, so having something to do at my house was always a problem. At grandma’s house things never got old. There was never a dull moment in that house. The house was pretty old so it had a lot of hidden rooms and doors. Some of these doors lead to nowhere. I remember opening a door on the third floor that had just a brick wall behind it. I still wonder what that room use to be and why it was bricked up. Every time I found a new door id run to my grandma and ask her for a key to open it. She would smile and hand me a key ring full of keys and tell me I’d have to find which key it was. I would be there all day trying each key tell I opened the door. Rainy days where the best at grandma’s house. We would play games together. Grandma would hand me a sheet of paper and tell me to count all the windows and doors in the house. Each time I’d get a different number. I just don’t understand it! We would go out into the garden and I would name all the different bugs I saw. If I got to close to some of them I would get bitten but that never stopped me from going back the next day. Grandma’s house was always an adventure. I was always full and happy when I......

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