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My grandmother was special. I hadn’t known her my whole life so it was like meeting a new friend. My mother always said that she “adopted” us as her family because she didn’t have one. I didn’t really understand it at the time because, well, I was only 7 years old. All that mattered to me was that I had a new grandma, a new friend.
The first time I meet Velma was at her apartment in down town Sarnia. The door squeaked and the smell of lilacs filled the entrance way. The apartment was small, but was very nice.. She smiled sweetly and introduced herself. I was very shy at first, but there was something about her, something told me we where going to be best friends.
I visited her almost every week, and everyday we would do something different. Shopping was usually on Tuesdays, Lunch and a movie was on Wednesdays, and on Fridays we went bowling. We became a lot closer over time. She always had a reassurance about her that made me feel comfortable, I didn’t have to pretend.
A few months later my mother came to me with some upsetting news. Velma was in the hospital. She wouldn’t tell me why but I could tell that it was bad by the worried look on her face. We visited her soon after, and I had no idea what to expect. We walked in with the nurse and I saw her laying there in the bed, motionless. She tried to talk but her voice shook and trembled. I was scared; I knew she was too.
I visited her less often now because I was busy with school and sports. When I did, she looked happier and healthier. I was surprised how far she had come. She smiled and we talked more about what ever we could think of. I think the presence of each other comforted both of us. Almost a week later the doctors announced that she was being moved to a nursing home. I was happy for her. Even though she wasn’t in her apartment, it was a step closer to getting better for good. The doctors explained the details like her schedule, visiting hours and who would be taking care of her. I visited her in the nursing home more often. Her room was on the first floor and near the cafeteria so it was walking distance from all the activities. Her room was grey but she brought life to it with pictures and plants and such. She had this china cabinet in the corner filled with our pictures and things I had made for her or given her. It was my favourite thing about her room. She was always smiling and happy around me. She was my best friend. Whenever I visited she would always have a lot to talk about. Her new friends and things she had been doing. I also liked to tell her what I had been up to. Even though i didn’t say it a lot but I loved her. She was the only one that I have told everything too. I trusted her with my secrets and we bonded even more over them. The last time I visited her was one August 3rd 2010. I remember her room smelling like lilacs and her voice was sweet and lovely. She was 81 years old turning 82 in a few days. She looked so happy and care free. I remember the last word I said to her, “ I love you and ill see you next week!” I waved goodbye for the last time. Three days later I heard news that Velma had died. I cried for days. I missed our talks about life and everything else. I wish I would have said goodbye. I wish I could have said so many more things. I miss her.

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