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Graphic Depression

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Graphic Depression

John Gilstrap

HIS220-4-015-On-American Civilization-2:2012

Stevens-Henager College

Instructor Karen Farley

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Graphic Depressions

Most all people do not know what an impact Art has on the world, the Artists that helps shape the public’s perceptions of the world today. We are going to visit the Artists and their Art and try and determine the themes they were trying to portray and the effect it might have on the World Today. According to (Karen Farley 2012) “these pictures helped shape the public’s perception of The Great Depression.” we are going to see the depression, anger, deceit, and hate enthralled during The Great Depression.
Now let us see that we as a people will endure in this vast economic turmoil of today, March 3rd, 2012, through the eyes of the people in October of 1929 to 1942. The first picture in the prior link is by one Robert Minor Copyrighted in 1916 this is actually before the Great Depression but depicts the coming of it, by illustrating the Army or Police in that time killing maybe some of the unemployed during riots leading up to the Great Depression. We all know that the Great Depression started way before the actual date.
We are going to now skip to six years later to the 1922 picture by Robert Minor, Morgan, Mellon, and Rockefeller. I think this may be depicting the mad businessmen and the ever-growing fact that the Rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. These people in the picture may even be the people mentioned in the title, consequently you do not see the real people suffering, the unemployed.

Seven years later the fall of the cities and the people moving out of the cities to the slum outskirts better know has Hooverville’s. This painting is particularly formidable by James N. Rosenberg...

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