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Hello Greg,

Thanks for sharing your support in the design of God's Vision to the World. May God's Blessing over shadow you and your family.

Feel free to share my info below and your cousin may call at anytime. We are grateful for the support. Let us discuss Project God's Vision to agree on the Graphic Design for Tee-Shirt and a sketch for my book.

Below is God's Vision for opening of each chapter in HIS book:

1. A sketch of a Man and Women with their shadow reflection from the bottom of their feet stretched behind them.

Below is God's Visions for the Tee-Shirt:

1. Graphic Designs:

In a cloud I saw a vision of an operation room and in this room was items below and all will be a picture:

1. Image three Blue cabinets with windows on the front displaying below need for number reading just display

2. A bed white with white sheets, a person laying on the bed covered to shoulders with sheet and a white head dress on the head

3. At the left side foot of the bed was a Doctor and Nurse, I could tell it was a man and lady, but both had their blue scrubs with blue scrub on head

4. At the head of the bed on the right side was an Angel all white with wings partially raised

5. Last an Angel all white, hoovering over the person in the bed parallel with their body Angel wing are back open like it was ready for flight.


On the back of the Tee-Shirt will say:

God Specialize in Rescue God Specialize in Healing

God Specialize in Deliverance

God Specialize in Transformation

Signature: God's Vision to...

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