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Assignment 5: Marketing Strategies
Michael Warren Grant
Professor Green
MKT 500
September 9, 2012

Company Background
Mikey’s Graphic Tees is a small Charleston, SC -based graphic t-shirt company that reaches surrounding cities and has found its way to Asia. With ten years of experience and a team of over sixty employees we are committed to environmental consciousness in the fashion industry. Our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude to business has created strong relationships with both manufacturers and distributors throughout North America and Asia. We have an established client base throughout these global markets comprised of both independent and major retailers.
With the booming fashion scene in Asia, Mikey’s Graphic Tees has a greater chance of being recognized and promoted. Competition in the Asian market, nevertheless, is intense and companies that choose to place their products in that country should be aware that Japanese buyers prefer to maintain long relationships with vendors rather than one point buying. According to Mercedes Gonzales of the Global Purchasing Group, “Small is the new big.” By this she meant that big box stores have become more of an inconvenience. What “retailers need to address is how to create personalized service and products. To adapt a grass roots mentality.” The success of Mikey’s Graphic Tees is founded on the creation of this personalized experience, enduring relationships within the industry, and the importance of maintaining high environment friendly products and solid partnerships with our clients. Both of these men’s wear collections have been met with critical acclaim and have seen unprecedented sales growth, further evidence of our commitment to high standards.
Strategic Mission Statement
At Mikey’s Graphic Tees we combine creativity, local products and analysis to effectively promote our brand…...