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Magic Grafix behavior and performance need to establish a process that takes place quarterly and is based on a standard review. The process that was established in the beginning lacked communication and motivation among employees. Magic Grafix consists of people who are creative and want to explore their creativity side. Employers who use employees to their fullness find that the success and harmony of their company flourish. Magic Grafix in the beginning flourished, because it was new and exciting, but they fail into a routine. Lack of communication was the company everyday routine with no substance of motivation with their employees. Magic Grafix in the first quarter saw growth, and met their targets. They also won high revenue orders, but they forgot to thank their employees for all their hard work. Because of this, many employees did not see a future with the company. Employees who feel appreciated are being more dedicated and motivated to the company. “More than 90 percent of workers who reported feeling valued said that they are motivated to do their best at work” (Brooks, 2012). Although, Magic Grafix focus is work culture, establishing a leadership hierarchy and orienting new employees, and dissatisfaction among employees. Each department has issues that were not dealt with, and it caused employees to be disturbed, which caused an 18 to 30% of their employees to give in their resignation. Because of this loss, productivity and profitability have decreased. Magic Grafix is losing employees based on the dissatisfaction of the employees. To keep and sustain employees the company has to communicate and try to meet the reasonable request of their employees. Most of the time employees leave a... Motivating and Compensating Employees Simulation
Magic Grafix is a desktop publishing and website development company. Magic Grafix is company worth $60 million and is located in Santa Barbara, California. Managements concern is the attrition problem they are dealing with. Human Resource Management need to be involved in this matter to discover why employees are dissatisfied with their job and to make changes in the organization to help prevent the loss of employees. This paper will describe the appropriate interviewing techniques that will find the right candidates for the jobs that need to be filled; if Magic Grafix is using a selection test or technique; a description of three performance appraisals and the one that would be the best fit for Magic Grafix to use. Interviewing Technique

It is imperative for an organization to have a certain technique that they follow when interviewing applicants for a position within the organization. "Well-designed interviews can be helpful because they allow examiners to gather information on constructs typically assessed via other means, such as empathy and personal initiative" (Cascio, 2005, p. 251). The interview needs to be based on questions regarding the position that needs to be filled. It is important for the interviewer to understand the job in order to ask the correct questions in making sure that the applicant is the right person. The interviewer needs to look over the job analysis and job design to see what skills and qualifications the applicant needs to have. "Job analysis is a systematic exploration, study and recording the responsibilities, duties, skills, accountabilities, work environment and ability requirements of a specific job" (Management Study Guide, 2012, p. 1). This will explain to the interviewer what duties the applicant would be responsible for and base those questions off the job...
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Motivation and Compensation

Motivation and Compensation
Attrition problems occur when an organization is going through changes. Magic Graffix seems to be having problems with recruiting, training, and retaining employees. The gradual reduction of a workforce by employees' leaving and not being replaced rather than by their being laid off is called attrition. Attrition can be explained after a little digging to see where the problem actually occurs. The problem of diminishing employees for Magic Graffix is happening because the employees are not motivated to complete the task at hand. HR has been assigned a budget to come up with a plan to correct the problem. A number of steps must occur to correct the attrition such as finding out why the problems exist and trying to see how to make it better gradually. Attrition starts when employees start to leave an organization. The question is when it is first noticed what can be done to correct the issue so that it does not get any worse. The Magic Graffix simulation enables suggestions that would help in escalating the problem and correcting it. Conducting an employee survey, as well as commissioning, “Who is Smiling” is the first steps to combating the problem. The employee survey will allow the organization to get a feel or sense of how the employee thinks and what he or she is feeling towards the organization. The survey will also allow for seeking any areas that need improvement as the employee see it. Commissioning, “Who is Smiling” will allow the organization to see how other employees in similar organizations feel about the industry and his or her organization. The next step was to determine the needs of the employee in each area of the organization. I have decided that employees are less concerned with his or job descriptions or the training provided; however they are concerned with benefits and compensation so this is an area that needs to be looked into closely. Our employees want to be compensated for a...

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