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June 1st, 2012
Primary Research Essay Lake Wylie is located on Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina and York County in South Carolina. The lakes water supply primarily comes from the Catawba River. The lake is man-made and used to create hydroelectricity by Duke Power Company. Lake Wylie is a large lake and offers an abundance of space for recreation and activities including: boating, fishing, water skiing, sun bathing, swimming and numerous other activities around the lake. It is enjoyed by many people during the summer time. Safety on the water becomes a problem with so many people participating in water activities. Several People die and many others are injured each year in association with the lake. The first thing that comes to mind when being around water is being able to swim. Many people die each year while being on the lake because they cannot swim or not very strong swimmers. Some people think its not cool to wear a life jacket so they jump into the lake without wearing one. They can swim for a short while but they become exhausted and are not close enough to grab on to anything and they struggle to keep their head above the water. Other children were never taught how to swim at all and they think they will be fine hugging onto a float or noodle but they can lose their grip and down they go. The water is dark and by the time someone notices it is to late. The lake water itself is a safety concern. There have been reports of sewage leakage into the lake. This spreads lots of bacteria and germs that could be very dangerous to a persons health. Runoff from local houses and business’s flow into the lake and bring along any pollutants in their way. Chemicals and yard fertilizers can be spread into the lake and could pose a threat to someone with an open wound or if they drank any of the water. An open wound could...

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