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Use of Physics in Everyday Life

Use of Physics in Everyday Life
In today’s world, people are surrounded by science and technology, which continue to be more powerful by each passing day. One of these sciences is physics. Physics is science that concerns nature and the properties of matter. It includes mechanics, light, energy, magnetism, structure of atoms sounds and heat among others. The following paper is an essay concerning the use of physics in everyday activities. Skating, using cameras, warming homes using a woodstove, playing with balls that freely fall when suspended and using clothes during cold seasons are some of the examples of areas where physics is used in everyday activities.
Skating is one of my daily activities where physics is applied. Skating is a type of movement that is made possible through the laws of motion found in physics. Skating can help explain the term movement, what makes skaters move and what keeps skaters moving while in motion. Also, it helps explain what it takes to stop moving or turn the process of moving in another direction. Skating can also reveal the concept of acceleration and deceleration, as well as the concept of speed. While putting a skate, nothing will happen to such a person unless an external force acts on him or her. The concept of inertia states that a body in motion will always tend to move while a body at rest will always tend to rest unless an external force acts on it (Laws, Sugano, and Swope, 2002). This is the first thing that happens before a person starts skating. The skater will always remain at rest until he applies some force to start moving. While on motion, the skater will tend to move unless he applies a force to stop. This is also an explanation of Newton’s first law of motion which states that every object or body in a state of uniform movement will tend to remain in...

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