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Great Diluge

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Notion of a Great Deluge The notion of a great deluge is often associated with the story of the great flood in the Bible. However, several early cultures across the world have legends and myths when at one time in the past a shocking deluge wiped nearly all life on earth. Nonetheless, habitually a deity caused all these deluge stories to end civilization and bring about divine retribution (Issar, 2014). Most of them also have a hero who is chosen to survive. A discussion entailing the notion of a great deluge will be made with proofs of a flood in the respective regions being made available. In the Genesis flood narrative, God is disgusted with the profundity of the sinful nature of man thus resolving to flood the earth. Noah, a righteous man, is instructed to build an ark. After the ark’s completion, Noah, his household, and male and female representatives of all animals are called upon to enter it (Issar, 2014). The deluge destroys all life, not in the ark. Later, the waters recede and all those aboard can get off from it besides God promising never to send a flood again. The rainbow serves as the sign of God’s promise. In the flood story of the Babylonians, the gods undertake to wipe out civilization owing to disturbances due to human overpopulation. They first used a plague and famine but did not succeed. Enlil then advised the other gods to use a flood, but Enki instructed Atrahasis to build an ark to escape together with his family and animals (Issar, 2014). The gods also regretted using a flood.
In Hindu mythology, Manu who was the first man was cautioned of a forthcoming flood by Matsya Avatar of Vishnu. He was instructed to build a huge boat to save himself. In Timaeus, an account by Plato, Zeus was infuriated by the rampant wars between people and punished…...

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