Great Works of Alfred Kinsey

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The Great Works of Alfred Kinsey
Alfred Kinsey was one of the first scientists to conduct scientific inquiries into human sexuality. During the thirties and forties, the time of his scientific explorations, human sexuality was not an accepted topic for discussion and was frowned upon. Over time, Kinsey’s work led to a wider acceptance of the topic as well as the acceptance of various sexual practices. To some, his work remains controversial and contentious. Those who oppose Kinsey’s work referred to him as a communist and even a pedophile, although there was never any evidence to support either claim. He was also criticized by other scientists for unreliability of personal accounts of sexual behavior. Despite all of the accusations against Kinsey, his work is still academically cited and respected and “beyond the scientific circles, he is seen by some as a liberator of sexuality, and by others as a founding father of America's moral decline (Soylent Communications).”
In the beginning stages of his career, Kinsey was a well-known biologist and a zoologist. He mainly researched and documented the mating practices of animals and he specialized in that of the gall wasp. Dozens of the species were actually catalogued by Kinsey himself. In 1938, his interest of animal mating practices shifted to the mating practices of humans. He was able to gain the permission to teach a non-credit course called “Marriage” to nearly one hundred students at Indiana University. This was completely drastic and unheard of for his era. The topic should have logically been dismissed during the Victorian repression, and all matters pertaining to the word “sex” should be discussed in a completely adult manner. But Kinsey was more interested in sexual freedom and gender equality. He accepted any sexual act between humans as a normal and healthy part of their human nature. Not only did Kinsey…...