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Greece's Economic State

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Euro Crisis: Greece’s Reform to Uphold the Euro

Greece has been a significant trading partner within the EU as well with the global community at large. Public spending has been at its highest since the financial crisis in 2008 and with irrational investing behind banks and the private sectors; it only worsened their economy. The complicated areas of the European economy mostly have been due to countries spending vast amounts of borrowed finances than they have fluctuating within their own nation. Countries deficits are still increasing after the US financial crisis and it has led to continuous austerity agreements and negotiations to prevent these issues from relapsing. Greece is in a classic sovereign debt crisis and while struggling to fix their deficit, (currently the largest in the Eurozone) this turned to controversial debates whether or not to let Greece free of the euro, or continue to keep them in. The problem of the matter relies heavily on the political sector of the union as well as the economic foundation represented in Greece’s past, showing that releasing the nation from the euro will only cause more harm than actually stabilizing them in. The US financial crisis of 2008 grew strongly towards the inefficiency between the banks and investors, who failed to act rational in accordance with the economy (Heath 401). In an efficient market, one person’s gains are another person’s loss but one cannot strategize placement in the market through someone making continuous fallacies. This is why one must focus the best about people in an economy to expand rational market behavior. The key importance in this theory is the predictability of being irrational. Joseph Heath argues “[i]f people exhibit systematic biases in their reasoning, then they will be predictably irrational” and “[i]f their irrationally is predictable, then it will be easy to make money...

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