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Now, more than ever the world needs growth. By the helping to meet the needs of growing populations, banks have a fundamental role Ii strengthening economies. Supporting million of individuals to achieve their goals, partnering with small and medium enterprises, helping to drive trade and growth, enabling businesses to expand and create jobs- without banks the world would literally stand still. What is important to you? what are you looking for when you graduate? The Banking & Finance sector is complex, yet interesting. It`s confusing, yet highly stimulating. The landscape is constantly changing. Second by second, minute by minute, market fluctuate, new technologies emerge and customer expectations evolve. Does complexity, innovation and pace stimulate you. We believe a bank can be a force for good. We’re well placed to take advantage of the economic shift from west to East. If you want experience in the most exciting growth markets, if you want to explore an industry that is evolving at an epic pace arid most importantly, if you want to help shape the next decade of banking, then connect with us to explore the opportunities. what good could you do? It’s up to you.

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... Submission of Report Proposal (Draft) Submitted to: ATM Jahiruddin Professor, Business Administration Discipline Submitted by: Prodyut Golder ID: 090303 4th Year 2nd Term Business Administration Discipline Khulna University 4th November, 2013 Name of the proposed report: “Green Banking Initiative of Bangladesh bank and Compliance of the Commercial banks” (A Case study based on Khulna City) Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of enormous opportunities. After its liberation war, it has rapidly changed its economic status and in spite of so many obstacles, recently it has introduced itself as a middle income country. But now, along with other countries of the world, it is facing some problems like- global warming, excessive use of carbon-di-oxide and CFC gas, and also some other climatic change and all these are a great threat to our economy. The green banking concept is relatively new in Bangladesh and yet to get momentum. Actually green banking is nothing but the operations of the banking activities giving especial attention upon the social, ecological and environmental factors aiming at the conservation of nature and natural resources. Banks can be green through bringing changes in six main spheres of banking activities (Rahman, et al. 2013). Those are Change in Investment Management, Change in Deposit Management, Change in House Keeping, Change in the Process of Recruitment and Development of Human Capital, Corporate Social...

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... countries of the world like Bangladesh. The world conscious people are also concerned about the increase of Green House Gases and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and thereby depletion of Ozone layer. As such, every person and especially the professionals must have greater role to check the environmental degradation. The contribution of the banking sector is playing significant role to save the environment through their CSR, investment or other activities. 1.2 Scope of the Study: A banker or a banking industry may address many issues to save environmental degradation and conserve the ecological balance .That’s why green banking is introduced through the world. It will be obligatory for each person to show respect to the environmental issues. Otherwise, the environments where the concerned person lives will be inhabitable and as whole the country and the globe will no longer be safe place. We have to think that each of our activity has a specific impact on the environment. As a best creation of Almighty, we have greater role to conserve the environment, maintain biodiversity, not to endanger other fauna and flora and above all a green, healthy planet for safe and sound living of our future generations. Since banking industry is a vital institution in the economic and business activity round the world, bankers cannot remain indifferent to this burning issue. 1.3 Objectives: The research aims at achieving the broad objective of analyzing the green banking practices......

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... especially the professionals must have greater role to check the environmental degradation. Bankers are the important professional group who has interaction with the other groups of people and also with general masses. They can adopt different green activities within their in-house environment and also can initiate the protection of the air pollution, water pollution by their clients. Bankers can finance the green projects, which are environmental friendly and discourage the projects that damage the environment. Environmental protection is not in a priority list of banks in Bangladesh till date. On the other hand, many banks in the developed world have already started green banking activities. Taking lessons from these banks and also considering the guidelines of international organisations as well as charters of environmental conventions, we also suggest some guidelines of green banking: Strategic plans of banks to protect the Environment: Banks must adopt a strategic plan to perform green activities on long term basis as well as short term basis. Government of Bangladesh (GOB) should also outline a broad guideline of green banking for environmental protection, conservation of biodiversity. Bangladesh Bank, the central bank, has a greater role in shaping up a concrete guideline for green banking practices in Bangladesh. According to GOB and central bank, each banks and financial institutions can formulate a strategy and guideline for Green Banking and Green...

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