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Green Building

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green building

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HOME- What would you prefer ?

A concrete jungle


A greener one…. ?

Healthy Way….
• We have been aware of the need to live in places that promote a healthy way of life and therefore the well-being of people.
• India’s antique heritage buildings have fully demonstrated how such buildings were regarded and made.
• With the advent of Industrialization there was an increase in pollution and Global warming.
• It lead to Environmental degradation on a large scale. Protection of our eco system became the need of the hour.
This lead to the birth and need of Green Building concept!

Key Questions
1. Why “Green” Building?
2. What is the difference between
Building” and “Conventional Building”?
3. What benefits do we get by going “Green”?

Defining Green Buildings
“Design and construction practices that significantly reduce, or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and its occupants with regard to site planning; safeguarding water use and water use efficiency; promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy; conserving materials and resources; and promoting indoor environmental quality.” (US Green Building Council)

What does Green Building Offer?
• Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the top
5 factor which cause environmental risks to public health. People spend 90% of their time indoors.
• Indoor contamination levels can be 25 times as high as outdoors.
• Inadequate ventilation can further result in biological contaminants.
Eliminates sources of contaminated air and increases ventilation and fresh air to occupants. Water Efficiency
 Water savings from:
Water-efficient fixtures and appliances
Water-efficient landscaping
Rainwater collection systems
Grey water reuse

 Benefits include:
 water bills
 volumes of wastewater
 energy costs for hot water

Employee Productivity
 Green buildings  worker productivity  Environmental factors impacting productivity Indoor air quality
Climate control
Lighting, esp. day lighting
“Biophilic” features - Views, plants, etc.

Material Efficiency
Efficient use of building materials & land. Environmental benefits
 Saves “embodied” energy
 Saves energy & water over life of building  Use of non-virgin or recycled materials
 Depletion of natural resources
 Mining & manufacturing pollution
Durable materials last longer,  costs

Energy Conservation
• Energy usage depends on the local climate, density of occupancy, occupancy schedule, orientation of the building and internal loads.
• Proper design engineering and planning would lead to energy savings. • Solar energy and Wind energy are methods of improving the building into a greener one.

Green Building Rating Systems
It is the collective effort of Architects, Project
Consultants, MEP Engineers and Civil Engineers to design & construct a Green wonder.
There are many organizations and their rating systems which help in achieving your dream towards a green project.

United Kingdom –BREEAM
Australia –Green Star
United States –LEED
Canada –LEED Canada
India –LEED India

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
A leading-edge system for designing, constructing, operating and certifying the world’s greenest buildings.


LEED Certification Factors

Certification is based on points scored for each parameters.

Categorization of Buildings

Points System

Let us now address the questions we raised…
1) Why “Green” Building?
• To enhance a building’s overall performance while improving comfort; indoor air; energy, water and materials efficiency.
• Energy savings in Green Buildings could range from 20 to 30 % and water savings from 30 to
50 % which considerably reduces cost.
• A green building may cost 5 to 10 % more to design & build than a regular building; but these cost can be recovered in just 2 years in power and water savings.

2) What is the difference between “Green Building” and “Conventional Building”?
• External Appearance: Both look alike
• Functionality: Both are same
 Differences:
1) Conserve natural resources
2) Concern for human comfort, Indoor environment & productivity.

Difference Between Green & Traditional
Appearance of Green Buildings

• You design it to look how you want.
• Carpet, furniture and windows do not have to look different. They can look like traditional ones only they perform better and are healthier.
• Does not need to be high tech to be green.


• Green Buildings take the same amount of time to construct as regular buildings. More time may be required in the Design phase though.


• Green Buildings do not have to cost more. With planning they can be built at the same price or less. • Design fees may be higher in the beginning of the project but the extra design work will lower the actual construction costs. In the end the building costs the same and fits in the traditional budget.

Green Rooftops in Europe

3) What benefits do we get by going “Green”?
1) Environmental benefits:

Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity.
Improve air and water quality.
Reduce solid waste.
Conserve natural resources.

Reduce operating costs.
Enhance asset value and profits.
Improve employee productivity and satisfaction.
Optimize life-cycle economic performance.

Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments.
Enhance occupant comfort and health.
Minimize strain on local infrastructure.
Contribute to overall quality of life.

2) Economic benefits:

3) Health and community benefits:

Sustainable Development

India’s Stand On Green Building
• According to the USGBC rating system LEED
(Leadership in Energy and Environment
Design); India ranks 3rd globally with 1657
LEED certified and registered projects as of
April, 2014.
• Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has a vision to usher in a green building revolution in India and to become one of the world leaders in green buildings by the end of 2015.
• Through Green Build; India represents not only growing benefits for human health and operational cost savings but also its potential to be part of the solution to a warming planet and rising sea levels.

CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre,
India’s First Platinum Rated Green Building

Notable Certified Platinum Rated Projects in India
CISCO Banyan, Bangalore

ITC Maurya Hotel, Delhi

Green Build In Kochi
• Geogit BNP Paribas, a financial services located at Padivattom here is the first
IGBC LEED-India Gold certified building in
Cochin Corporation limits.
• The built up area is 1.4 lakhs sqft and consumes 25 % less energy and over 40 % less water than conventional building of its size.
• It focuses on efficient energy management, use of renewable energy, use of recycled and environmental friendly building materials, low water consumption and generates less waste materials.

Synthite Industries
Synthite Industries was started in 1972, food ingredients from Spices and Herbs. The company accounts for more than 30% share in the global Oleoresin
(Extract which contains resin and Oil ) market.
• Certified as GOLD by IGBC’s LEED.
• Bi cycle parking
• Near to Bus stop
• Maximum Open space with Vegetative area
43560 sq.ft- which is more than Building foot area 20478 sq.ft
• Storm water design -920 M3 capacity
• Heat island effect -50% parking is covered
• 51.7% low usage of water with low flow fixtures and rain water reuse of 680 litres day • Water efficient landscaping

Protecting Our Nature
• Innovative waste water technology -3.3KLD generated 40 KLD treatment capacity
• Less energy consumption-22.7% less.
• No CFC used in HVAC & R systems –water cooled chillier • On Site renewable energy- 10KW solar panel which contribute 2.1% of energy consumption
• Storage and collection of recyclables-Paper, plastics, metal and glass.
• Recycling of waste- Generated during construction was sold for regeneration.
• 12.34% of the total material cost for building is used to procure regenerated material.
• Environmental tobacco smoke control.
• Low emitting materials – Adhesives, sealants, paints –Volatile Organic Compounds.
• Day light -93.1% of regularly occupied areas have day light.

Towards A Greener Tomorrow

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.
– Mahatma Gandhi



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