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Green Business

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As the society advances and expands, businesses are faced with challenges of maintaining social responisibility through the enviroment while at the same time generate profits for their shareholders. Can a business achieve both goals without jeopordizing their economic value? In order to answer this we analyze three factors that directly affect green business strategies. Ethical consideration – Ethical consideration happens on four different levels: personal, economical, societal/enviromental, and technological. Throughly analyzing each level of consideration creates a much better understanding of different morals and values in our society. Ethical Theories – Can ethical theories be applied to help assist leaders to make more informed decisions towards developing eco-friendly principles? Based on the dentology theory and the four fundamental questions using Kantian ethics, we determined that establishing a eco-friendly principle could become a moral law. Ethical Decision-making process – Businesses that integreate a decision-making process revolving around eco-friendly core, will establish a interal company culture that will guide them to make the nessisary decisions to consistantly be enviromentally aware.
Based on the findings in the report, we can conclude that it is possible for businesses to maintain a desirable level of profits and at the same time become a green business.

Henry Ford once said, “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” In today’s society, small businesses along with huge corporations face the challenge of profitability for their shareholders while being economically responsible through their business strategy. Centuries ago, there were seldom any regulation or attention towards environmental awareness and protection. However, as society has witness many tragic events...

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