Green Manufacturing in Yakult

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Green manufacturing is a manufacturing measure that produces minimal waste and pollution. This is done through product and process design. With modifications to the production or manufacturing process of an organization, the entire process will release lesser toxic waste or use lesser energy. Green manufacturing addresses process redundancy, ergonomics, and cost implications due to faulty methods of producing goods (Balan, 2008). A good example of faulty methods of producing goods would be the mining of gold. The mining of gold involves the release of mercury from waste rock when it is exposed to normal temperatures because the evaporation point for mercury is a lot lower than normal metals (Engle MA, Gustin MS, Zhang H, 2001) Once in the atmosphere, it can be deposited in soils and waters, hence causing harm to the environment or the people who would later drink from the water. The Clinton White House defined green manufacturing as a process that reduces human and ecological tasks, enhances, cost effectiveness, improves process efficiency, and creates products and processes that are environmental friendly and benign (President, 1995). Having this stated, green manufacturing is a process that improves productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.
The benefits of having a green manufacturing process in an organization’s production are immeasurable. While it may be tough and expensive to implement a greener technology in a production, green technology would nevertheless save a lot of money for an organization. A good example of this would be the production of compact fluorescent lamp where it produces the same amount of visible light as an incandescent light bulb, it uses lesser energy while having a longer life time. This cost saving benefit has been taken by organizations to redesign their production process. Indeed, those organizations…...

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... the other hand, we anticipate the probably occur barriers when the process implement green manufacturing. The time consuming will be very high if changes on equipments and packaging of products. As the Yakult drinks must keep under cool temperature, the research and development team sure study many years and determine the packaging of products. The plastic bottles can be manufactured quickly and control the quality of fermented milk drink. There are huge project to restart or alter few of the production process. The packaging of finish goods changing not only affect to production department, and also selling and distribution department. In spite of the alternative of plastic bottles settle, will lead to face on another problem such as prices. Packaging of products also is a direct cost of goods before sell off to customers. Green manufacturing can be save time and the step of process therefore the costs of firm can be reduced. Then, customers can get low price on products or the firm can get more profits. On the other way round, green manufacturing can add on other steps to produce or extra labors in need. The prices of product will increase when the cost of manufacture increased. The firm has to consider the perception of customers and environment changes. The products finished by green manufacturing whether cater to most of the customers. For instance, customers willing to pay more purchase the green products. Purchasing power and awareness...

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... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41 Appendices ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44 1. Company 1.1 Introduction Yakult was created by a fermentation of a mixture between skimmed milk and a special strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota in 1930. Yakult was manufactured and introduced to the market in 1935 through independent operators. In 1955, Dr. Minoru Shirota founded Yakult Honsha Co Ltd. Currently, Yakult is sold in 32 countries and regions around the world and consumed by 28 million people everyday. With the incorporation of Yakult Singapore, Yakult was introduced to the Singapore market in 1979 and aims to raise the awareness on the benefits of its unique probiotics products, in order to fulfill their mission contributing to the health and happiness of every person in the world. 1.2 Company Mission The mission statement of Yakult Honsha Company Limited, sourced from the company’s US website, is as follows “To contribute to the health and happiness of every person around the world through the pursuit of excellence in life sciences and the study of microorganisms. We continue to spread the message of preventive medicine and the benefits of probiotics, such as Lactobacillus caseiShirota. One by one, city by city, country by country, we deliver this message in the shape of a small bottle - a bottle that......

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