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Green Mtnresort

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Green Mountain Resort

Green Mountain Resort
Organizational crisis is a common occurrence in today’s society. Change is always needed, and it is never a straight forward process. If it was, businesses would always be able to meet their goals. If each and every corporation does not keep up with the changes they will not survive. Change, whether big or small can be extremely challenging and requires a well thought out plan, clever ideas, patience and good leadership. No single method of change management fits every company, but there is a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations to (Jones, J, Aguirre, D, Calderone, M, 2004) Change management initiatives are mainly focused at improving organizations effectiveness. This in turn, helps in ensuring the well being of the organization’s employees, customers and stakeholders. A company has to remain competitive in the tough business climate after all. Organizations quite often believe that change can only be managed through six images of managing changing (Drazen, 2011). Each and every image for managing changes has its own particular kind of pattern and formula of implementing the change which is different from one to another. Change image concepts impact an organization according to the person who implements these images. Naturally image concepts show a manager how change should be managed. Furthermore it gives the manager an overview of their role as a manager of change. Image concepts affect the way an individual approaches change and how they also approach the outcomes that are perceived possible. In the case study Green Mountain Resort shows a unique change management problem that directly impacted the future of the resort. The first issue that the Green Mountain Resort was worried about was the resort was initially created to boost the sale of...

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