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Greenpiece and Global Warming

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Greenpeace and Global Warming

Greenpeace is an international organization that works for better environmental conservation and the preservation of endangered species, and they are striving to put an end to global warming by the human race. Global warming is a natural process; however because of the rate humans are pouring pollutants into the air, the warming is highly exhilarated. We, as a nation have the technology to supply our energy needs without the use of fossil fuels. According to Greenpeace ( 2010 ), “With current technology, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal can provide 96% of our total heating demand – accounting for almost all of our primary energy demand.” (The Solutions, para. 1 2010). By putting these resources to work preservation of our planet for future generations is the most advantageous reason for making these changes. Changes would also create more jobs, and do away with our foreign oils dependence, thus increasing our national security.
We hear about global warming on almost a daily basis, some believe in it but know little about it. Others do not believe it exists or that it is harmless. However, there is no doubt among the world’s scientists that global warming is happening and its cause is people burning fossil fuels. We are witnessing many changes in our world already, many people are dying from cancer and other illnesses brought about by pollution. We have more natural disasters than before due to the climate changes. Food and water will gradually become scarce if we do not act immediately. Greenpeace has started the Energy Revolution which is a plan to do away with the use of coal, oil and nuclear energy for the worlds demand for energy. They are advocating for Climate Legislation by pressuring Congress and the President of the United States. Greenpeace is also working with the Environmental Protection...

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