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Access Control Models 1. Shovels and Shingles is a small construction company consisting of 12 computers that have internet access.

They would need Rule-based access control so they can only go on what they are allowed to access.

2. Top Ads is a small advertising company consisting of 12 computers that have internet access. All employees communicate using smartphones.

They would need access to Rule-based control and content-dependent access controls for the fact they access what they are allowed to access and what content they can access.

3. NetSecIT is a multinational IT services company consisting of 120,000 computers that have internet access and 45,000 servers. All employees communicate using smartphones and email. Many employees work from home and travel extensively.

They will need access to Discretionary, mandatory, role-based, rule-based, content-dependent, and nondiscretionary access controls, they are a large company and will need someone to be in charge of each control because not everyone have the same access.

4. Backordered parts are a defense contractor that builds communications parts for the military. All employees communicate using smartphones and email.

They would need Discretionary, content-dependent and rule-based access control, they have a group of people who contain sensitive data that need to be controlled. They communication parts need to be safe.

5. Confidential Services Inc is a military-support branch consisting of 14,000,000 computers with internet access and 250,000 servers. All employees must have security clearances, and they communicate mainly using BlackBerry devices and email.

They would need Mandatory, Discretionary, role-based, rule-based, content-dependent, nondiscretionary. They have many individuals all who need different access, so they need someone...

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