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Gridiron Gang: An Overview

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GRIDIRON CHARACTERS: NAME: | CHARACTERS: | Dwayne Johnson | Sean Porter (as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) | Xzibit | Malcolm Moore | L. Scott Caldwell | Bobbi Porter | Leon Rippy | Paul Higa | Kevin Dunn | Ted Dexter | Jade Yorker | Willie Weathers | David V. Thomas | Kelvin Owens (as David Thomas) | Setu Taase | Junior Palaita | Mo McRae | Leon Hayes (as Mo) | James Earl | Donald Madlock (as James Earl III) | Trever O'Brien | Kenny Bates | Brandon Smith | Bug Wendal (as Brandon Mychal Smith) | Jurnee Smollett | Danyelle Rollins | Michael J. Pagan | Roger Weathers | Jamal Mixon | Jamal Evans | Danny Martinez | Miguel Perez | Artie Baxter | John Stevens | Joe Seo | Choi (as Joseph Seo) | Joseph Raymond Lucero | Chavez (as Joseph Lucero) | Robert Zepeda | Peavy | Omari Hardwick | Free | Omari Hughes | Little Dove | Adam Clark | Marvin | Dan Martin | Terrell Rollins | Michael Jace | Mr. Jones | Brett Cullen | Frank Torrance | Garrett M. Brown | Coach Finley | Mary Mara | Kenny Bates' Mom | Nafeesa Monroe | Young Mother | Marcia Jeffries | Roger's Mother | Emil Pinnock | Anthony | Kelli Dawn Hancock | Market Womaz | Anna Maria Horsford | Sharon Weathers | Stevie Wash Jr. | Dewayne (as Stevie Walsh Jr.) | Scott Thomas Cameron | Hall Guard | Bruce Katzman | Principal | Asenati Satele | Junior's Girlfriend | Shane Woolaston | Junior's Son | Sonya Eddy | Bug's Mother | Melissa-Anne Davenport | Cheerleader | Ambrit Millhouse | Cherise | Danny Mora | Mr. Medina | Walter A. Saunders III | Van Staff (as Walter Saunders III) | Robert C. Cawley | Van Staff (as Robert Cawley Jr.) | Michael C. Mahon | Field Coach | Brian Oblak | Gym Coach | Jamie McShane | Referee | Allan Graf | Referee | Daniel Murphy | Referee | Barry Tollia | BHS Player | Jay Bingham | Finley's Asst. | Daniel Abikasis | BHS LB | John P. Husky | Announcer (voice) |

SETTING OF THE STORY: * Kilpatrick juvenile detention center
This story is all about the supervisor and former football player Sean Porter sees the lack of discipline, self-esteem, union and perspective in the teenage interns and proposes to prepare a football team to play in one league. He is supported by his superiors and his successful experience changes the lives of many young kids. The end of the movie shows several scenes of a documentary where the real Sean Porter is saying the lines that Johnson was speaking in the movie. The Rock makes those lines seem like his own and I bought into every moment of it! Some characters were from actual kids that were in the L.A. juvie detention center and others were obvious blended characters. Two of the main characters were adversaries at the beginning and they become close... very close friends. This scenario probably has happened in real life, but they are fictionalized blends of probably many. The producers even made the numbers on their jerseys the same, but opposite. One was 13, the other 31... in other words, we are the same, just the sequence is different. I don't know if anyone else caught that, but I found it effective. Overall, a very good movie with solid acting and a good script with a good ending! I recommend it, but the language is rough. No sugar coating the violence either. Not for kids, not even if the parents are sitting right next to them!
MORAL LESSON OF THE STORY: * Like the famous saying “Don’t judge the book with its cover” not all young kids/ teenagers in jails have bad attitudes. Sometimes those in jails were one of the famous people in the country like the “DANCING INMATES”. There were no people in the world born to kill. We are free to choose our path. So if I were you I will choose the direction were in I live happy and no trouble in life.

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