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Final Report
Organic Food in Grocery Shop Course name: Business Communication
Course code: MBA 310
Submitted To: Nafees Ahmed Imtiazuddin Senior Lecturer University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

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Date of Submission: 22/12/2014

Letter of Transmittal

22 December, 2014
Nafees Ahmed Imtiazuddin
Senior Lecturer
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of final report on “Organic Food in Grocery Shop.”

Dear Sir,
Here is the final report on “Organic Food in Grocery Shop” that you asked us to prepare as a part of our study (course MBA 310)
The preparation of the final report was a real exciting one and I enjoyed every moment of it. I tried to follow the instruction you have given and fulfil all the requirements necessary. I have tried my best to gather all necessary information relevant to the areas of my chosen project. There may be some mistakes or lack of relevant information. But I hope that this report will provide the necessary information on the chosen topics. If there is any mistake or lack of information in this report, I hope you will consider that and inform me about the mistake.
If you should need any assistance in interpretation this report, please call on me. I will be grateful to you if you help me overcome the lacking and to know more about this final report.


At first we desire to express our deepest sense of gratitude of Almighty Allah.
With profound regard we gratefully acknowledge our respected course teacher Nafees Ahmed Imtiazuddin, Senior Lecturer, Faculty Masters of Business Administration for his generous help, kind support, guidance, constructive supervision, instruction, advice and motivated day to day during preparation of the report.
We like to give thanks especially to our friends...

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