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Group Debate Analysis Paper

Kenneth McDougald


April 12, 2015
Lorelle Davies

Group Debate Analysis Paper

There are many benefits associated with group debates, but there are also many drawbacks. Let us talk about some benefits first. Different perspectives are brought into play when there is a group involved. These perspectives tend to yield more information especially when they are coming from different positions of the argument. Diversity in the group can add to these different perspectives. Someone who was raised in an upper class family in the suburbs would have different experiences and views than someone from an impoverished inner city area. Debating in groups can also improve one’s communication skills. It also gives the debaters the opportunity to show off there listening skills. If one cannot properly listen to the arguments being presented or the questions being asked it will be difficult to present an argument that is substantive. Communication is something that is important in many aspects of business and personal communication. It is important to be able to communicate eloquently and respectfully. Part of respect is self control. Controlling one’s emotions in a debate is the best way to be taken seriously. There are also a few drawbacks to group debates and many of us have seen them first hand. Political debates are a great example. How many times have you seen a presidential primary debate with 4 candidates get away from the moderator’s control? Debates do have rules and in the heat of the debate those rules often times get thrown out the window without any consideration to the others involved. People can become argumentative. When this happens, it can lessen their credibility in the eyes of the audience. When emotions take control, it is easy to start interjecting false information. This can damage the entire...

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