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Group Meeting Reflection

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A reflection is learning, based on past events; to enable future events to be better. Within this essay I will be critically evaluating my and the groups’ preparation leading up to the debate, looking at things we done well and that can be implemented in the future when I am doing group work again, but also looking at things that the group could have done better in order to improve performance in the future.

At the beginning when the groups were decided my group firstly considered creating a Facebook group chat so that we can all communicate with each other in a practical and efficient way. All group members agreed that this would be the best way to communicate with each other. This was used as our main method of communication for organising meetings and discussing the debate. Having thought about this I think that this was a good aspect to get right at the start it
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As such our first meeting as a group was in class on week 3 when we had an opportunity to discuss the topic. This discussion allowed us to outline what we were tasked with and what approach we were going to take, looking back this was important in order to get a broad overview to ensure understanding before beginning the debate research. This meeting was also hugely important as not all members of the group had worked together before. Looking back this was a good starting point. During this meeting we reflected on the debate we participated in in first year and pointed out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Looking back this was useful to determine at the start as we tried to determine each other’s role within the debate for example looking at last year’s debate it was decided that I would go last when debating. It was decided that the group would go away and think about what things that we should debate about around our decided topic, and in particular what the individual would like to debate. Looking back the group should

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