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Oil Spills in Water
Louise Morell

Oil is one natural resource that has been maintained for the most part around the world. It has had its positive and negative effects on the human population as well as in agriculture. Several practices have been put into place in order to manage the sustainability of oil. Countries around the world cross-train and share ways on how to be more conservative with this energy resource. With all of these practices in place, there is irreparable damage in the freshwater aquatic and marine ecosystems when oil is deposited into the environment.
Oil spills are something that can affect large bodies of water as well as small. It has been made known the affects it has had on oil drilling in our oceans but, oil spills can happen accidently or due to poor drilling practices in local areas as well. In the freshwater and aquatic arena, oil can be found. Rarely does it exist in its fundamental state as in most areas it must be processed. Although it is a natural resource, it is considered a localized resource due to it being found only in certain areas. It is also an exhaustible resource, which means that it is something that can run out, unlike air. When there is an oil spill in the freshwater or marine ecosystem, there is no mixture of these two liquids as the two are immiscible. Unfortunately the freshwater, which serves as a nesting ground and food source for many different species, it creates a threat to the inhabitants who rely on and live in that ecosystem. The aquatic species become smothered and the oil does nothing but cling to the plants and other living organisms. Many of the marine creatures become poisoned causing great damage to the environment.
The human population is one that is ever growing, with the world’s population currently in the billions and is not slowing down. One thing that is concerning is...

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