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The Concept of Transandence

According to the Grand Inquisitor, majority of people are weak and are likened to sheep. Jesus gave it up all since he valued the freedom of faith above humanity happiness. As a result of this, the Catholic Church led by the Inquisitor reject Him. They believe that their faith is stronger than the ordinary people, and they attain a reward from God while the weak people exist for the sake. The weak cannot take the narrow road to heaven because they are afraid of freedom. (Reznor 117)

Fyodor Dostoevsky is a novelist who bases his writings on Christianity. He puts themes of Christianity using an anthropological format: evil and righteous, belief and unbelief, innocence and guilt, determinism and freedom, hate and love are taken to be problems encountered by humans. He is a great thinker and a manipulator of intense philosophical questions regarding the existence of God and man. Critics argue that to him, it was purely neurotic to occupy himself in finding answers to the unanswerable. He makes a strong case against Jesus citing that He cared less about the good of humanity and that He has no love for them as He claims.

In his book, Fyodor Dostoevsky depicts the grand inquisitor as an old, tall, and erect man almost in his ninety’s. The cardinal is the grand inquisitor. He burns people while the king, the cardinals, the knights, the court ladies and Seville population are all present.

So much power has been bestowed upon the cardinal such that he punishes those people who are against the Roman church through burning them in the fire. The people tremble at his mere sight and even kiss the ground that he treads. The grand inquisitor is particularly angered by the fact that another man is gaining more followers and popularity than him. This should not…...