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Grouping Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

Project Report


- Shashank Kumar Singh B10048 Business Management (2010-12) XLRI School of Business and Human Resources

Organizational Behavior


1. Introduction

A group can be broadly defined as a collection of two or more individuals, who have come together for a common purpose. Generally, the common purpose is apparent as is the case with trade unions- which are formed with the purpose of upholding the interests of the labor force, or reader’s clubs- formed for the purpose of sharing opinions and perspectives on various books. However, sometimes the common interests might not exactly be a purpose, but more of a necessity, as is the case with groups of friends formed at schools, hostels or between neighbours. The importance of groups cannot be emphasized on enough in our complex intertwined lives. At all levels, be they personal, societal, professional, recreational or any other, we seem to be part of one group or the other. The underlying principle of pursuit of common purpose is at the heart of the concept of grouping, through which one seems to reach higher levels of attainment- which might not have been possible through individual pursuits.

2. Conceptual framework

Groups form an essential and constituting unit in an organizational setting. They effectively break-down the organizational targets and goals into smaller group goals. This leads to a more focused and modularized approach towards achieving organizational objectives. This approach is also beneficial for the individual in multifold ways- distribution of workload, creative participation and involvement, reinforcing individual capacities, adaptive behavior and...

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