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In the short story ”Grove”, there is written by Erin Brooks Worley, we read about a first-person-narrator, that is a girl. She has some confrontations with a guy and his parents.
The story takes place in Florida, in a town called Frostproof. Here lives the guy, but the author never mention his name. It is always I, he and she in the story. Here he lives nearby his parents. We also do not know the names of the parents.
The guy has a strange relationship to a girl, there is the first-person-narrator. First you think, she is his girlfriend, but then she says in the text: “I never asked him to leave his wife”, and later in the text the first-person-narrator says: “He likes kids, I say. And his wife can’t have them”. Therefore, they are trying to have a kid, because his wife cannot make kids, so I think that they do not have a relationship to each other. The guy’s mother seems not to like the first-person-narrator, but he’s father like her. The girl seems very insecure; while she is apologizing a lot, and the guy says that, she has to stop apologize so much. The girl is also an alcoholic, and one night she sneaks out on the bathroom, where she is hiding some whiskey in a shampoo bottle. She is trying to conceal, that she has a drinking problem, but the guy knows that she is a alcoholic. He get also very upset, when she hides liquor in his parents bathroom.
One day when the girl are alone with the guy’s mother in the living room, the mother says to the girl, that she should play sick, so they could go home. Another sign for, that the mother do not like the girl. The first-person-narrator persuade the guy, that they have to go home. Hereafter he drives her home in darkness, where new confrontations arise.

The first-person-narrator is a girl, because the guy in the short story is trying to have a baby with her. She has some drinking problems, and she is

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