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Growing Up in Hell

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November 23, 2010
Growing up in Hell Ernst Jüger was a German soldier during World War I that wrote down his experiences that he and his men encountered over the course of the war. Throughout the book Jüger makes references to the perceptions he has of himself, his men, and the enemy as the conditions of war rumble down, causing increasingly dire circumstances. As Jüger tells his tale, the reader begins to notice a growth in Jüger as a person due to the tragedies that befall him and the men around him. Jüger goes from a young man seeking glory, seeing as war is something to be proud of to him, to being a hardened veteran who has seen the horrors of what war actually brings. Also described is how the war goes from seemingly being winnable and Germany holding its own, to being taken down by a superior force in the British forces. This growth gives a historical account of living in the German army out on the Western Front that is at the same time so personal. In the beginning of the war when Jüger was a fresh recruit, his fellow soldiers and him were excited to be out in the battlefield talking of “No finer death in all the world than…” This shows how in the beginning war was seen as a glorified engagement that they sought and hungered for. Although the fresh recruits seemed to want this glory that comes with war, that mentality would soon be shocked from their minds as war reared its ugly head when the first shells began landing around them. At first Jüger did not understand what was happening and this incident caused his comrades and himself to change and dull their sense of glory for war. After being indoctrinated into his first shelling, Jüger soon learned to take some calm in the dangers that the artillery presented when he reflects “I thought privately that this baptism of fire business was actually far less…...

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