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Growing Up Online

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Raising a child from a baby to an adult who is a positive contribution to society is a very

rewarding experience for parents who can accomplish this ever difficult task. Kids today are

bombarded with multiple distractions when it comes to the internet. This form of media

communication can be very confusing and dangerous for many youngsters due to the prevalence

of those who allow and accept inappropriate behavior through the use of pictures, video images

and language usage. Many youngsters feel that they live in two worlds, the real world in which

they live and the internet world where they can create a false persona. They enter into a domain

where practically anything goes and no one is in charge. That is why parents should think more

about their kids as being willing participants than as being innocent victims.

Internet usage is at an all time high and will continue to increase in the future as more cultures

are exposed to the capabilities of the internet. Technological advancements have led to some

negative impacts on today’s youth through the increased usage of the internet. One area that the

internet has impacted negatively is through plain old fashioned communication, there is no face-

to-face interaction required when using the internet. In some households, like Greg’s, the family

dynamics are affected and are usually changed and modified to accommodate the lack of face-to-

face communication. Greg no longer interacted with his family on a regular basis due to his

obsession with internet usage. Living in the same house, his dad felt that it was more convenient

and less obtrusive if he “talked” to him via the computer. One other example that I would like to

cite about the negative impact that the internet is having on today’s youth deals with the ease that

they can get into…...

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