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Growth Minds Sheet Analysis

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Through the video and three articles, I have read that growth mindsets seem to be a better way of learning if taught at a young age. The younger a child is, the more their brain has room to consume newer information. When a child learns earlier on that there is a better option than giving up, they can then grow up to continue that mindset and help improve the production of their jobs, as the article “How Companies Can Profit From a ‘Growth Mindsets’.” states. I have also learned that the growth mindset can improve the overall thought process of a person and help them feel better about themselves through proper praising. Instead of praising children through intelligence, praising them when they truly need it is key. When the child is praised properly they learn that learning something and not being able to grasp it right away is not at all bad; it is just that the brain has not found a way for it to work for that person yet. In Dweck’s Ted Talk, she talked about the word ‘Yet”. The word is very important within the Growth mindset. …show more content…
Though I do not strive to find new challenges, I still do believe that learning to have a growth mindset can be an achievable even when sometimes giving up seems to be the only option. My own mindset is not growth though. When faced with a challenge, if it becomes too difficult to solve I do give up. It is a flaw that I wish more schools would have taught that being smart was not all that was important in an education. Getting A’s was all that I was told mattered until reading over the articles. Growth is more important than only being able to obtain information until a test is passed then the information is locked out of memory to make room for more to pass a class and get good grades. It is far more important to see a growth than have one fixed mindset that leads a person to think they can only be so good at something rather than moving onto more

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