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Golden Screen Cinema Sdn Bhd (GSC) was found in 1981 as golden communications circuit. Golden Screen Cinema is the leading cinema exhibitor and it is also the largest cinema in Malaysia.
GSC is a subsidiary of PPB group. PPB group is appearing on market the stock exchange of Malaysia. It is a group with benefit in environment engineering, waste management, entertainment property, food industries and utilities.
GSC has a total of 191 screens in 23 locations nationwide, which include Klang Valley, Penang, Sungai Petani, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bharu, Kuantan and Kota Kinabalu.
GSC operates Malaysia’s first-ever boutique cinema with only Gold Class and Premiere Class halls and also introduce digital 3-D films and digital 2-D films.
This company also launched a customized co-branded credit card in 2009. For example, Hong Leong credit card and paypal have such function to process online transaction for online purchase ticket.
Besides that, GSC launch a mobile application which is GSC Mobile App especially for iPhone & Android phone that enables movie-goers to purchase tickets via m2u mobile, PayPal account or “RHB Now” (Android only) on their smart phones. Customers can enjoy “ticketless” option by scanning the 2D barcode on the screen of their smart phones at the selected cinema checkpoints.
TGV Cinemas is formerly known as Tanjong Golden Village. It is the second largest cinema chain in Malaysia. The largest competitor of this cinema is Golden Screen Cinema. This cinema was opened since 1995 at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.
The cinema currently has 16 premier multiplexes located at major shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru and Terengganu, with a total of over 120 screens and 24,000 seats.
TGV provide digital 2D films as well as digital 3D films. Online ticket purchase is also available via TGV website through paypal or some bank’s credit card such as Hong Leong Bank, MayBank, CIMB Bank, AmBank and RHB Bank.
TGV Cinemas launched their IMAX hall in TGV Sunway Pyramid on 15 December 2011. It is also the only IMAX hall in the country after the ceased operation IMAX hall located in Berjaya Times Square, where the original location is replaced by GSC MAXX.

Business Model of Website
GSC & TGV cinema
Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) and Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) cinema are considered as partial E-commerce. Through our observation, both cinemas are partial E-commerce because of three dimensions which are physical product, partial business process and physical delivery agent. First at all, both cinemas provides physical product such as movie ticket. In order to watch a movie in Cinema, we are required to show the particular movie ticket to the operator. Without the movie ticket provided by Cinema, you have no right and authority to enter into the cinema halls. Secondly, GSC and TGV are counted as partial business process. Nowadays, consumers can reserve or book their movie tickets through online and purchase movie tickets in credit. Consumers can easily obtain the movie tickets that they desired through the particular cinema website. However, consumers can also purchase the movie tickets through the counters of the cinema. Lastly, GSC and TGV are physical delivery agent because consumers have to watch the particular movie in the hall. Even though consumers can purchase or reserve the tickets through online, but consumers still have to get their tickets from the counter of cinema and watch the movie in the cinema hall physically.Through those dimensions as mentioned above, we concluded that GSC and TGV cinema are partial E-commerce.

Functionalities of website
GSC’s website enables users to check current offer and upcoming promotion offer such as new GSC mobile application, voucher and coupon available. Besides that, GSC’s website provides online checking for the movies which can be categorized into “Now Showing”, “Next Change”, “Coming Soon” and “International Screen”. GSC’s website also allows consumers to browse the GSC’s news which contain highlight of recently news and album of pictures about GSC. Apart from that, GSC’s website enables consumers to sign up as a member of GSC. Furthermore, it enables users to make the ticket reservation which only permitted for GSC members. GSC members can also make E-payment through GSC’s website by using credit card. In addition, GSC’s website provides the E- payment tutorial and E-payment feedback of consumers. It also provides contest for GSC members to win rewards such as free tickets.

TGV’s website enables users to check the movies show time, show date and location of cinema. Next, it allows users to check the promotion of cinema such as TGV Tote Beg, TGV Quikpass and so on. Furthermore, it enables consumers to make purchase of movie tickets through online. In addition, contests are provided by TGV’s website to consumers with given rewards which is free movie tickets for winner and it is available for all consumers. Besides that, TGV’s website provides the online checking of foods and beverages favorable which are available in TGV cinema.
Compare to both cinema website, GSC’s website has more functions than TGV’s website. Although both cinema website has the same basic functions such as movie search engine, contests and online ticket reservation and purchase, but the major function that GSC’s website provided which is available of membership for consumers where TGV’s website does not provide. Membership provides a lot of benefits such as special promotion, checking history of previous transactions, secure information and so on. A membership can maintain the long term relationship with consumers and the possibility of obtaining loyal consumer is higher than TGV cinema.
Design Layout
The home page is basically show at the middle side of webpage and remains empty space at left side and right side. The list of links is show at top of webpage and use gray colour as a webpage background. Right side of the webpage is normally located with advertisements. Those images are also functioned as hyperlink to browse relevant information. To the left side of webpage, it provides a link to show the latest movie trailers and followed by the table showing of online users and logged in. On the front of webpage, it is well organized and simple. It does not perform any animation effect but used only pictures as we can observe at figure 3.

The home page is initiated with full of picture movies which are available to show. The webpage used the multimedia animation effect which users click the pictures and it automatically will rearrange the rest of pictures order at the same time. Each picture provides the briefly relevant information and purchase ticket shortcut. The colours used by the page basically are black, gray and red. Background of webpage is gray in colour. On top, right and bottom of the webpage is located with the list of links which can provide us to browse certain information. On the front webpage is slightly complex and easily frustrate users since the links are not located well. We can observe the website atfigure 4.
Overall for the webpage of both cinemas, TGV cinema is much attractive than GSC cinema. One of the reason is TGV’s website used more pictures and multimedia animation effect that can attract and impress users. However, the overall of the design of the website is more complex than GSC’s website since the location of pictures is not arranged well and it may confuse the users to browse it. Instead, GSC’s website design is simpler and least complex compare to TGV’s website. GSC’s website does not apply numerous of pictures and does not used of multimedia animation effect in the website. In addition, those basic functionalities of the website are stated in the conspicuous location so that it enables users easier to browse the website.

The loading page of TGV’s website is regular and the system reaction is fast to user’s request. However, sometimes the links do not function very well and error page is happened since it consists of multimedia animation effect and a lot of pictures. Furthermore, users are able to load and watch the movie trailer directly in the website as shown in figure 6 but the view of screen is quite small and full screen view is not available. The loading speed of trailer is smooth and it brings convenient to users since the movie trailer is able to watch directly in the webpage.

The overall performance of both cinema website is quite good. Both system of cinema is reacts fast to user’s request. GSC’s website performs better than TGV’s website in term of performance of links. Those links of GSC’s website mostly functions well and seldom happened error page unlike TGV’s links. However, the movie trailer that provided by TGV’s website is more convenient than GSC’s website since users are able to watch the movie trailer directly in the webpage and it does not require a link to another webpage to watch the trailer. Instead, GSC’s website provides the link for users to watch the movie trailer at its own movie official website but users are able to watch the trailers in full screen view.
User Friendliness
The design of the website is consistent. The colours that used for every page of website basically are the same which are orange, gray and black. The design and colours do not change as we proceed to next webpage through hyperlink and the list of links is stated at the same location as well. Therefore, users will not be confused to browse the webpage and take extra time to search again the link that wanted to browse. So, it is a low learning curve for users to browse the website as the structure is simple and clear guideline to users to browse. In addition, GSC’s website provides FAQ which function as user guideline to browse the website. It has minimal surprise for user as the website functionalities do not change frequently and users are clear to access the website. The example is showed as Figure 7 & 8.

The design of the website is consistent. The colours of the website used basically are the same for every page which are red, gray and black. The design and colours mostly remain the same as we proceed to next webpage through hyperlink. The list of links in the website is at the same location as well if we proceed to next webpage. But, it has a higher learning curve because users need to take a longer time to learn and find the website links as the links is much complicated. However, TGV’s website provides FAQS which allow users to ask question in order to get solution. The example is showed as Figure 9 & 10.

Both design of the cinema basically is consistent. The website of GSC has lower learning curve than the TGV’s website because those links are stated clear and basically provide fully information that users wanted to obtain. For TGV’s website, users need to take a longer time to learn and observe all the links in the website because it is more complicated as it designed with full of pictures and increase the difficulty for users to find the links they want to browse. Even through the design of the website is attractive with animation effect but the website does not provide a clear guideline to users as those hyperlinks are not stated well and some links do not contribute the fully information. Therefore, GSC’s website and TGV’s website provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link to users to solve their problems.
Ease of navigation
The list of links of GSC’s webpage basically is orderly and regular. Those links are separated into different categories and it does not confuse users to browse the link even for the first time user. Those links also are functioned as hyperlink to link users to browse the particular information. The structure of the webpage is clear and it is easy understanding for users to browse and obtain information with minimum effort. For example, the information that most users wanted to obtain definitely is about the movie that they are going to watch. GSC’s website arranged the movie search engine at the first page of the website as shown in Figure 11. Therefore, users are easier to find the movies search engine and do not need to click to another page to find the movie search engine. The movie check up consists of the selection of cinemas, movies and date and basically is able to check the correct information of the movie that users desired and wanted, therefore the function of movie search engine is quite efficient.

Figure 11 TGV
The list of links of TGV’s website is located at different position of the webpage and it might confuse the users especially the first time user to obtain information and browse the webpage. Those links are arranged in each category but some links are not able to provide directly information that users wanted to obtain. For example, at the first page of the website, users can only select the day and location of cinemas but users are not able to see all the showing time that available on that showing day after users have chosen certain movie. Users can only view the available movies on the chosen day. Users are required to click at the link that is “SHOWTIMES” which is located at the right top corner as shown in Figure 12 to proceed to the fully function of the movie checkup that is same with GSC’s website. The movie search engine is clear because the list of movies and the showing time are listed well and simple. As conclusion, most of the users are found that they are required some efforts and time to learn and browse the webpage.

The navigation for GSC’s website is better than TGV’s website. This is because the list of links is categorized well and it shows a clear guideline to users to obtain their desired information. Furthermore GSC’s website provide directly all the relevant information in the hyperlink and it does not required users to take extra step to obtain their information. Instead, TGV’s website is much complicated because the links are stated at different location of the website and some links are not directly providing all the information. As previous example, the movie search engine for GSC’s website is at the home page of the website but for the TGV’s website, the movie search engine is at the page after users click the “SHOWTIMES” that is located at the right top corner of the webpage. The movie search engine for GSC’s website is more simple and efficient than TGV’s website since users are able to check the available movies and time directly on the first page of the website. For TGV’s website, some users with poor skills to deal with computer and browsers might found that it will be more difficult to find link of time available for the movies compared to GSC’s website. Security
The GSC website contains authorization security issue. In order to perform an e-Payment Ticketing transaction, people have to register as a member on GSC website. Only selected cards can access the GSC E-Payment transaction that requires security pin verification, which are Alliance Bank, HSBC, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and MBB.
In order for the consumer transaction to be deemed successful, the consumer should receive an option to print their confirmation page from GSC at the end of the E-Payment Ticketing transaction process. No permanent record of any personal information is retained when consumer use the E - Payment Ticketing facility.
When consumer performs any E-Payment Ticketing transaction from GSC’s website, their computer automatically accesses a small piece of code on GSC server (a 'server-side cookie') which enables the web pages to be displayed correctly. This cookie is not saved on user’s computer and is only used for the duration of the session to keep private or sensitive information such like credit card numbers from being exposed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes. The GSC website also consists of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is a protocol that ensures privacy or confidentiality. The example is shown as Figure 13.

As TGV cinema’s website does offer E-Payment ticketing facility, security plays an important character in it. In order to perform E-Payment transaction on TGV’s website, consumers have several payment methods through credit card or debit card. The TGV website is secure by Sdn Bhd which all payment of consumers can make through Visa or Master card. While using the facility, the record of private information especially credit card information which are keyed in by users are just for temporary use. “iPay88 – Ticketing” will be shown on consumer’s credit card statement as a confirmation of E-Payment transaction successfully process. The TGV’s website also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to keeping the sensitive information from being disclosed to unauthorized parties as shown in Figure 14.

Marketing and Advertising Strategic
GSC has special promotion such as GSC movie vouchers, GSC birthday, GSC signature vouchers, Maxis movie day-buy one get one free and other. Members’ birthday and special offers such as by giving discount for the movie goers for new movies. Besides that, GSC launches a mobile application which is GSC Mobile App especially for iPhone & Android phone that enables movie-goers to purchase tickets via m2u mobile.
With the technology of 2D barcode, customers can enjoy “ticketless” option by scanning the 2D barcode on the screen of their smart phones at the selected cinema checkpoints. By accessing Facebook or Twitter, customers can search and know the latest information of the events of GSC Cinemas. The reputation of GSC has increased due to the most famous social network in the world such as Facebook and Twitter.
TGV has some special ticket offers to the customer. For example, RM2 off normal price before 12.00 noon which is RM6 for all shows and another special case is for children who are below 12 years old RM5 for all shows. In addition, contests are provided by TGV’s website to consumers with given rewards which is free movie tickets for winner and it is available for all consumers.
TGV Cinemas launched their IMAX hall in TGV Sunway Pyramid on 15 December 2011. TGV Cinemas attract many customers because of IMAX hall is only available in the Malaysia. The interior design of the chairs and environment of IMAX hall encouraged customers to consume in the cinemas. Furthermore, TGV cinema promotes new movie and get the offer and event through website, world of mouth and media such as Facebook, twitter and newspaper.
Both cinemas have their own marketing strategies. GSC Cinemas introduces special promotion and mobile application attracted many customers to consume in the cinema. This is because of the convenience of the mobile application for purchasing or reserve movie ticket by smart phones. TGV Cinemas also has its own promotion like special ticket offers and contests that giving out free movie ticket. Besides that, TGV Cinemas has its own speciality like IMAX hall which the environment and seats of movie hall is well designed and comfortable for consumers. Advertising for both cinemas are throughout the website, world of mouth and media such as Facebook and newspaper.

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