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MODULE 1: Introduction to S&L
3 Benefits of studying S&L, challenges and criticism, CPA thinking
5-6 Emergence of strategy (Ownership, globalisation, structure)
6-7 Leadership and its role, leadership vs. management, role of the accountant is S&L
8-9 Accountant’s role, financial aspects of value creation
10-12 Drivers of globalisation (competitive, techno, social, political forces)
12-15 Challenges of globalisation (Competition, distribution, macroeconomic, socioeconomic, financial, legal, physical, political, sociocultural, labour, risk)
15-16 Benefits of globalisation (cost, timing, learning, arbitrage), value of localisation
17-20 Approaches to strategy (rational vs.processual) and assumptions
21-22 Evolutionary, systemic and fuzzy approaches, implications
22-25 Strategy process, mission & vision, external & internal env.
25-27 Strategic thinking, strategic planning (3 Q’s and 3 issues), criticism, value of both
27-30 Strategic stretch and fit, strategy equation (Bendigo bank)
30-32 Levels of strategy (corporate, business, functional)
32-34 Strategic leadership, approaches to leadership (traits, behavioural, situational, transformational & transactional)
34-36 Importance of leadership (Q. 1.7)
36-39 Leadership and Ethics (questions, classical and socioeconomic views of ethics)
39-40 CSR, strategy, leadership and ethics MODULE 2: The external environment
4-5 Definition, reasons of difficulty in analysis, analysing an industry
6-13 Sources of data for analysis, 1. Defining the industry, industry value chain (pharmaceutical)
13-16 Music industry, 2. Industry segmentation, information needed
17-18 3. Industry life cycle (start-up, growth, maturity, shake-out, decline/renewal)
19 4. Remote and industry env. Analysis
20-39 Remote env. Analysis, factors influencing growth (TEMPLES), eg. Australian pulp & paper
40 Industry env. Analysis,...

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