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Questions 1 - 5
Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Example NAME FIRST NAME ADDRESS Answer Camden Peter Flat 5 53 (1) _________________________________ Finsbury (2) ____________________________________ 8th July (3) _____________________________ None (4) ____________________________________ (5) ____________________________________


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Questions 6 - 8
Circle THREE letters A - F.
What type of books does Peter like? A B C D E F Wildlife books Romance books Travel books Historical novels Science Fiction novels Mystery books

Questions 9 and 10
9 How much does it cost to join the library? _________________________________ 10 How much does it cost to rent a DVD? _________________________________

General Training Test 3; Page 2 ©

SECTION 2 Questions 11 - 20
Questions 11 - 14
List FOUR reasons given for people needing blood transfusions. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 11 - 14 on your answer sheet.
11 12 13 14 ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Questions 15 - 20
Complete the 2 sets of notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Types of Blood Component Parts PART red blood cells white blood cells platelets plasma USED FOR (15) __________________________ to cells help patients’ (16) ______________________ _____________________________________ blood clotting (17) ________________________ the other blood parts O, A, B + AB

General Training Test 3; Page 3 ©

GIVING BLOOD DAYS WHERE WHEN MUST Wednesday + next 2 days Westley General Hospital, (18) ___________________________ Department Between 9.00am and (19) ___________________________ be healthy be (20) ______________________ or over weigh more than 110 pounds have had no tattoos this year not have donated blood within past 56 days

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SECTION 3 Questions 21 - 30
Questions 21 - 27
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Computer Labs The 4 labs below can be used by undergraduates. Other computer labs can only be used by postgraduates and (21) _________________________ Lab Locations Wimborne Franklin Salisbury Court Johnson Building Computer Sciences Building (22) ____________________ Johnson Building


(23) ________________ a day unless computers are free Write reservation in book (24) ________________ (Penalty for erasing someone else’s reservation - 1 year ban) jamessmith2 (25) _________________ Pick up print outs from (26) ______________ in Franklin Costs (27) ________________

User Name Password Printing

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Questions 28 - 30
Choose the correct letters A - C.
28 The introductory computer course that James decides to take is... A B C 29 beginner. intermediate. advanced.

The computer laboratory for James’ introductory computer course is in... A B C Wimborne Franklin Court


James will take his introductory computer course... A B C on Thursday at 2.00pm. on Tuesday at 4.30pm. on Tuesday at 5.00pm

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SECTION 4 Questions 31 - 40
Questions 31 - 35
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

The Shinkansen or Bullet Train Safety Speed No deaths (bar 1 from passenger misadventure) since its launch in (31) ___________________________. Holds world train record for (32) _______________________ of 261.8 kph. 500 series Nozumi’s fastest speed is 300kph. Punctual to within the second. All bullet trains for 1 year were a total of (33) __________ late. First used on Tokyo to Osaka route. Old models have now been retired. 300, 500 and 700 are recent models. Nozomi trains stop at the (34) _________________________. Hikari stop more frequently. Kodama trains stop at (35) ____________________________.

Punctuality History


General Training Test 3; Page 7 ©

Questions 36 - 40
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS for each answer.
36 37 38 39 40 French TGV locomotives pull the TGV trains from both ends using a _______________. Japanese ground is unsuitable for the TGV type of train because it is _______________ and the tracks frequently curve horizontally and vertically. An extra advantage of the Japanese electric car system is that it can act as a _______________. Even after the power supply is cut off in the electric car system, electricity is still produced by _______________. Huge improvements in power, operability and safety administration have been made possible by advances in _______________.

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Questions 1 – 6

There are 5 advertisements A – E on the next page. Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate advertisements in boxes 1 – 6 on your answer sheet
Example Answer Which advertisment says that the successful applicant will be required to sell something? B

1 2 3 4 5 6

Which advertisement is NOT offering a job? Which advertisement specifically asks for someone to look good? Which advertisement offers the chance of a job abroad? Which advertisment doesn’t ask to be telephoned? Which job advertisement wants someone for a part time position? Which advertisement says that speaking a language will help the applicant?

General Training Test 3; Page 9 ©

SECRETARY - URGENT Busy High Street solicitors requires an experienced and efficient secretary. All applicants should have excellent typing, shorthand and telephone skills. Good package. Write with CV to: Aldersley and Sons 25 Charmin Street Guildford GU4 7YD


£ to be made

Busy town used car dealership urgently needs an experienced salesman. Exhaustive knowledge of different makes of cars a must. Good basic plus commission.

Call 020 8567 9634 and ask for Mike.

WANTED URGENTLY BABYSITTER 1 weekday and 1 weekend a week. 6.30pm – 11pm Responsible young lady required
Call 020 8467 2635

Hard-working law student, 22 years old, is searching for a suitable placement for his coming summer vacation. Anything considered. Please call Andrew Hall on 020 8746 3529.

Receptionist Chamber maids Bell Boys
Applicants must have relevant experience and a high standard of personal appearance
Phone personnel on 02 7854 3724 for an application form


The Grand Hotel Manchester

Posts available are:

The specialists in winter sports holidays

This prestigious and busy tour operator is currently recruiting for next winter’s season. We require a variety of enthusiastic and dedicated people to run our operations in Europe starting in November and running through to April. Salaries are based on experience, qualifications and suitability. Knowledge of a suitable European language would be a strong advantage. Interviews this summer.

Chalet girls and boys

Airport Reps

Holiday Reps

Ski instructors (relevant qualifications essential)
For details, ring 020 3947 9624 and ask Cathy for a relevant application form.

General Training Test 3; Page 10 ©

Questions 7 – 11
Read the Information leaflet about the Jamestown Hiking Centre on the following page. Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions. Write your answers in boxes 7 – 11 on your answer sheet.

7 8 9 10

How much would a hiker have to pay in total for the example hike? On which day will the hikers come across ice? On which day will the hikers have the chance to do a water sport? On which day do the hikers have the option to not do any hiking and just take it easy? On which day will the hikers get to sleep next to the sea?


General Training Test 3; Page 11 ©

Source: Hiking New Zealand .com

Jamestown Hiking Centre

We offer hiking trips led by experienced guides out into the mountains. The hikes can last from an afternoon’s hike up to the Josef Waterfall to a fortnight’s trek through the James Forest and up into the Williams mountains and the rugged adjoining coastline. Below is an example of the itinerary for our 10 day hiking safari. Start Finish Length Grade Price Drake Visitors Centre, Jamestown 8.00am Kingstown 7.00pm 10 days Medium $ Canadian 1000 + $ 20/day kitty

Highlights Hike through beech forest, past limestone sinkholes and across tussockcovered mountain slopes. Watch the antics of the Longley Seal Pups at a breeding colony. Hike through the lush forest in a limestone canyon, wade across crystal clear rivers, and explore glowworm caves in Havely. Take a guided walk on the spectacular Franz Glacier and marvel at its crevasses and ice caves. Kayak the tranquil Okarto Lagoon and watch native birds feeding in the shallows. Hike through James forest to natural hot pools surrounded by mountain peaks in Westland. Watch for penguins and dolphins while strolling along isolated beaches.

Day 1 Drive from Jamestown to Longley. Hike through beech forest, camp under natural rock shelter. 4 hours hiking Day 2 Hike up above the bushline on Mt Arthurs. Drive to camp by the Bull River. 7 hours hiking Day 3 Visit seal colony. Drive to Havely and hike while learning river crossing techniques. 3 hours hiking Day 4 Explore limestone caves and hike down a river canyon. Visit the Caves at the Lemon Cliffs. 5 hours hiking Day 5 Drive to Franztown and walk to the glacier terminal, or do the guided walk on the glacier ($35). 2 hours hiking Day 6 Kayak ($40) across Okarto lagoon and up forested river channels, or hike along beach. 4 hours kayaking or 3 hours hiking Day 7 Hike up the Knight’s Valley to Welley Flats hut and soak weary muscles in natural hot pools. 7 hours hiking Day 8 Boulder-hop up to a waterfall with stunning mountain views, or have a rest day. 4 hours hiking Day 9 Hike back down the Knight’s Valley, visit a penguin colony and camp on an isolated beach. 6 hours hiking Day 10 Hike along a beach frequented by dolphins, drive over the Hast Pass and General Training Test 3; Page 12 continue to Kingstown. 2 hours hiking ©

Questions 12 and 13
Read the advertisement below for Regent Taxi Services and look at the statements following it. In boxes 12 and 13 on your answer sheet write: TRUE FALSE NOT GIVEN if the statement is true if the statement is false if the information is not given in the advertisement

* * * * * cheapest deals in town established since 1979 max 5 people no destination too far minivan available (max 9 persons)

$25 to Westley International Airport $50 to Eastley town centre

Tel: 0684 639746

12 13

It will cost $50 for 2 people to go to Eastley town centre. Westley Taxi Services will go to any destination.

General Training Test 3; Page 13 ©

SECTION 2 Questions 14 – 28
Questions 14 - 18
Read the Information Guide for Westley Public Library on the following page. Look at the following customer bills (Questions 14 - 18) that need to be worked out. According to the Westley Public Library Information Guide, match the customer bills (Questions 14 - 18) with the prices given (A - I). Write the appropriate letters (A - H) in boxes 14 - 18 on your answer sheet.

14 15 16 17 18

2 CD ROMs for 2 weeks. 11⁄2 hours on the internet. 6 internet sheet printouts. 2 books late for 1 week. 6 months library membership. PRICES A B C D E F G H I $3 $2 $20 $12 $2.50 $1 30 cents 50 cents $1.50

General Training Test 3; Page 14 ©

1 Only members of the Library may borrow items from the Library. Membership for this year is $24 for 12 month or pro rata monthly membership. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. Library membership consists of the right to take out 6 hardbacks and six paperbacks. Extra borrowing may be added on at the librarian’s discretion. Hardback books are taken out for a maximum of two weeks and paperbacks for a maximum of three weeks. Renewals are permitted. The books can be brought in and re-stamped for renewal or, in emergencies, members may phone in. Overdue books will be charged at a rate of 50 cents per book per week or part of a week. Lost books will be charged at the current market price plus a postage/administration charge. Popular books can be reserved on a waiting list. There is no renewal for books in this category. The Library has a CD ROM section from which members are allowed to borrow. Members borrowing a CD ROM pay a charge of $1 per CD ROM for a period of two weeks – a maximum of 3 discs may be borrowed at any one time. The Library member will be liable for any loss or damage to the CD ROM. The Library has a video and DVD section. Library members can borrow up to 2 DVDs at a time for a two day period. Members must pay a refundable $20 deposit to borrow DVDs. The Library has 10 internet terminals. Use of the terminals is not restricted to members. Any person can reserve a 30 minute or 1 hour session on one computer in the Library for internet use at the rate of $1 for 30 minutes and $2 for an hour. 8 PCs will be available to be reserved and 2 will be there on a “first come, first served” basis. Printouts of internet pages will be charged 5 cents a sheet. All PCs are equipped with CD writer facilities. Your suggestions for new books to be ordered are always most welcome and may be written in the suggestion book.

2 3

4 5 6

7 8


LIBRARY TIMINGS Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri Wed Sat 9.00 am - 6.00 pm 9.00 am - 8.00 pm 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Source: The Club, Abu Dhabi

Questions 19 – 20
Look again at the Information Guide for Westley Public Library. Complete the following statements (Questions 19 and 20) with words taken from the guide. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 19 and 20 on your answer sheet.
19 20 If a book that you want is already taken out, put your name on the ____________ and the book will be kept for you when it is returned. If library customers have any ideas on how to improve the library, they can leave a written note of their recommendation in the _______________.
General Training Test 3; Page 15 ©

Halifax College
A Halifax College is a school situated just outside the Nova Scotia capital city of Halifax. Opened in 1935, it was first privately run by the Halifax Church Council. In 1960 it was purchased by the provincial government and since then it has been enormously extended and now operates as a day school as well as keeping its original boarding element. Currently enrolment stands at 550 but this is expected to rise to 750 by 2005. B The school’s mission is the pursuit of excellence by its students both in academic and extracurricular fields. Prospective students are expected to show high academic potential and proficiency in any sporting or musical activity is also looked for. Entrance to the College is by an in house examination. Six scholarships are offered per year by the College in academic, sporting and musical areas (2 in each). Details of these scholarships and the entry procedure can be obtained from the Admissions Office. C Academic life at Halifax College is naturally geared towards students’ success in achieving their High School Diploma. Halifax College offers all the usual core and elective subjects and also offers a few unusual ones. See the prospectus for details. D The school is divided into three sub-schools: Elementary Years 1 - 6 Part 1 Secondary Years 7 - 9 Part 2 Secondary Years 10 - 12 Each sub-school has its own administration and is headed by its own principal. The School Council is the umbrella organization that administers the school as a whole. E As mentioned earlier, sports and music are considered very important at Halifax College. At the College we have our own facilities for football, baseball, hockey and lacrosse. In addition to these we have our own gymnasium, sports hall, indoor swimming pool, athletics track and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Students also have the opportunity to row at our boathouse on the Iona River. Music is centred at our purpose-built music school which has facilities for learning a variety of instruments and its own performance hall. F The future of our students is of the greatest importance to us here at Halifax College. To cater for this the College has a Careers Office staffed by a full time careers officer. Students can see the officer at any time to discuss their future careers and tertiary education options. The College has a library with an enormous selection of information concerning further education institutes in Canada and abroad. Various career lectures are organized through out the school year and students can also book aptitude tests and mock university and job interviews. General Training Test 3; Page 16 ©

Questions 21 – 25
The reading passage on Halifax College has 6 paragraphs A – F. From the list of headings below choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B – F. Write the appropriate number (i – xi) in boxes 21 – 25 on your answer sheet. NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x xi

Student Prospects Study Choices at Halifax College The Teaching and Study Staff College Buildings School Structure The History of Halifax College Working at Halifax College Special Circumstances Extracurricular Activities Competition at Halifax College Joining Halifax College

Example Paragraph A

Answer vi

General Training Test 3; Page 17


21 22 23 24 25

Paragraph B Paragraph C Paragraph D Paragraph E Paragraph F

Questions 26 - 28
Read the Information about Halifax College again. Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions. Write your answers in boxes 26 - 28 on your answer sheet.

26 27 28

What is the current school population? How does the average student enter Halifax College? Where can the students practise their skills in boats?

General Training Test 3; Page 18 ©

SECTION 3 Questions 28 - 40
Read the following passage and answer Questions 28 – 40. The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
A The Interior of Australia is a sparsely populated and extreme environment and the delivery of basic services has always been a problem. One of the most important of these services is medical care. Before the inception of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), serious illness or accidents in the Inland often meant death. The RFDS was the first comprehensive aerial organization in the world and to this day remains unique for the range of emergency services that it provides. B The story of the Flying Doctor Service is forever linked with its founder, the Very Reverend John Flynn. It is a story of achievement that gave courage to the pioneers of the outback. In 1911 the Reverend John Flynn took up his appointment at Beltana Mission in the north of South Australia. He began his missionary work at a time when only two doctors served an area of some 300 000 sq kms in the Northern Territory. In 1903 the first powered flight had taken place and by 1918 the aeroplane was beginning to improve itself as a means of transport. Radio, then very much in its infancy, was also displaying its remarkable capability to link people thousands of miles apart. Flynn saw the potential in these developments. The Service began in 1928 but it was not until 1942 that it was actually named the Flying Doctor Service and the Royal prefix was added in 1955. C In 1928 the dream of a flying doctor was at last a reality but Flynn and his supporters still faced many problems in the months and years to come. The first year’s service was regarded as experimental, but the experiment succeeded and almost miraculously the service survived the Great Depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s. By 1932 the Australian Inland Mission (AIM) had a network of ten little hospitals across the coverage area. A succession of doctors and pilots followed and operations continued to expand over the next few years. D The Service suffered severe financial difficulties in its early years. Flynn and his associates had to launch public appeals for donations. While some government financial aid was made available on occasions in the early days, regular government subsidies only became an established practice later on. Even today the Service continues to rely chiefly on money from trusts, donations and public appeals for its annual budget and raising money remains an integral part of the working day for the Service and its volunteers. E In 1922 Flynn began a campaign for funding to buy some aircraft for the AIM. The first flight, on 17th May 1928, was made using a De Havilland model DH50 aircraft. This plane, named
General Training Test 3; Page 19 ©

“Victory”, went on to fly 110 000 miles in the service of the Flying Doctor until 1934 when it was replaced with a DH83 Fox Moth. In 1928 flying was still in its early days. Pilots had no navigational aids, no radio and only a compass and inadequate maps, if any. They navigated by landmarks such as fences, rivers, dirt roads of just wheel tracks and telegraph lines. They also flew in an open cockpit, fully exposed to the weather. Flights were normally made during daylight hours although night flights were attempted in cases of extreme urgency. Fuel supplies were also carried on flights until fuel dumps were established at certain strategic locations. Nowadays twin engine craft, speed, pressurization, the ability to fly higher and further with more space for crew and medical personnel have all improved patient care and safety problems. There are hardly any places now that the RFDS cannot reach though safe landing at the remote areas is another issue altogether. Many outstations now have some sort of airstrip lighting but even now car headlights are sometimes used. Landings are therefore still often made in hazardous circumstances on remote fields or roads and it is pilots who continue to be responsible for determining if the flight can be safely undertaken. F In the early 1900s basic telephone and telegraphic links existed only near larger towns. Radio communication was practically unknown and neighbours could be hundreds of miles away. What was needed was a simple, portable, cheap, and reliable two-way radio, with its own power source and with a range of 500 kms. In 1928 Alf Traeger, an Adelaide engineer, invented the Pedal Radio and over the next 10 years these were distributed around the stations and the operators were trained in Morse Code. Over the years radio developed with new technology and of course now telephones have taken its place. Whereas a few years ago, all calls for medical assistance were received by radio, today this represents only about 2% of all such calls. G Over the years, the RFDS has developed to take along medical specialists, dentists and various health related professionals. Sister Myra Blanche was the first nurse employed by the RFDS in 1945 undertaking home nursing, immunizations, advising on prevention of illnesses and, on occasion, filling in for the doctor. However, flight nurses as we know them were not used by the Service on a regular basis until the 1960s. Today, based on the judgement of the doctor authorizing the flight, up to 80% of medical evaluations are made with only the flight nurse and pilot on board.
Source: Royal Flying Doctor Service

General Training Test 3; Page 20 ©

Questions 29 - 34
The reading passage on the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia has 7 paragraphs A – G. From the list of headings below choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B – G. Write the appropriate number (i – xi) in boxes 29 – 34 on your answer sheet. NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x xi

RFDS Hospitals Funding Communication Issues Navigation Issues The Birth of an Idea Aviation Why the RFDS was Founded The First Pilot The Growth of the Service Doctors’ Assistants Refueling Problems

Example Paragraph A 29 30 31 Paragraph B Paragraph C Paragraph D

Answer vii

General Training Test 3; Page 21 ©

32 33 34

Paragraph E Paragraph F Paragraph G

Questions 35 – 40
Read the the article about the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia again and look at the statements below. In boxes 35 – 40 on your answer sheet write: TRUE FALSE NOT GIVEN
35 36 37 38 39 40

if the statement is true if the statement is false if the information is not given in the passage

Test flights before 1928 proved that John Flynn’s ideas were possible. The RFDS today gets most of its operational money from charities. In the early years RFDS fliers had only compasses to help them find their way. Today some landing areas still do not have proper lighting. Telephones have now completely replaced radios for reporting emergencies to the RFDS. Quite a few RFDS flights today don’t even have a doctor on board.

General Training Test 3; Page 22 ©


You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. 2 weeks ago you bought a radio from a local branch of a well known chain of shops. It did not work properly. The shop took it back and said they would repair it. You have waited a week and still it is not ready. Write a letter to the shop complaining. Tell what has happened and how you feel. Ask them to repair the radio very soon or supply you with a new radio. You should write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write your own address. Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir,

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. It is better for boys and girls to study separately rather than study in mixed sex classes. They are less distracted and this leads to better results. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? You should write at least 250 words.

General Training Test 3; Page 23 ©

Section 1 * * * Tell me about the job or studies that you are doing. Why did you choose this field? Do you think you will ever change this job or study? (Why/Why not?) Schooldays

Topic 1 * * * *

What were the good parts and the bad parts about your schooldays? What was your favourite subject at school? (Why?) How did your school teach sports? How would you improve the school that you went to? Rivers

Topic 2 * * * *

Describe a river in your country. What kinds of things are rivers used for in your country? Are there any pollution problems with rivers in your country? (What?) What kind of problems do people face if they live near a big river?

Section 2

Describe your favourite restaurant You should say: where the restaurant is and how you found it what type of food it serves how often you go there and explain exactly why you like this restaurant so much. Section 3 Topic 1 * * * * Fast Food

Is fast food popular in your country? (Why?) Why has fast food become so popular over the last 30 years? Could you compare fast food with traditional meals? How can we stop young people eating so much fast food? Food Problems

Topic 2 * * * *

What are some of the problems that some countries have with food production? Could you suggest any ways to solve these problems? What other problems can you predict happening in terms of food in the next 50 years? Could you compare methods of food production and distribution today with that of 50 years ago? General Training Test 3; Page 24

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...Notes Desk Your Academic Encyclopedia Skip to content * Home * About Business Communication and its Types → Types of Communication Posted on March 8, 2009 by admin Communication Communication is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through speech, signals, writing, or behavior. In communication process, a sender(encoder) encodes a message and then using a medium/channel sends it to the receiver (decoder) who decodes the message and after processing information, sends back appropriate feedback/reply using a medium/channel. Types of Communication People communicate with each other in a number of ways that depend upon the message and its context in which it is being sent. Choice of communication channel and your style of communicating also affects communication. So, there are variety of types of communication. Types of communication based on the communication channels used are: 1. Verbal Communication 2. Nonverbal Communication 1. Verbal Communication Verbal communication refers to the the form of communication in which message is transmitted verbally; communication is done by word of mouth and a piece of writing. Objective of every communication is to have people understand what we are trying to convey. In verbal communication remember the acronym KISS(keep it short and simple). When we talk to others, we assume that others understand what we are saying because we know what we are saying. But this is not......

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Jane Adams

...In September 6, 1860 Jane Addams was born in Cedarville. Jane Addams was the youngest of eight children. Addams spent her childhood playing outdoors and reading indoors. When Jenny was only three her mother became very ill and died. As a result of not having any siblings her , disliked greatly being reprimanded. When she was age four, she contracted tuberculosis of the spine, which caused a curvature in her back and lifelong health problems. As a child, she thought she was "ugly". In her teens, Addams had big dreams which is to do something useful in the world. Long interested in the poor from her reading of Dickens and inspired by her mother's kindness to the Cedarville poor , so she decided to address this social problem. Addams's father encouraged her to pursue higher education, but not too far from home. She was eager to attend the brand new college for women, Smith College, but her father required Jane to attended Rockford Female Seminary. The principal of Rockford was a feminist who believed women deserved the same quality education that men received and that women had a supreme duty to preserve morality, culture and the heritage of western civilization. In 1881 Jane Addams was graduated from the Rockford Female Seminary, the valedictorian of a class of seventeen, but was granted the bachelor's degree only after the school became accredited the next year as Rockford College for Women. In the course of the next six years she began the study of......

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...has been a word brought up often in this election. Obama promises to bring “change” to America. How are we going to change our education system? How do the candidates plan to change the education system? In 2001, President George Bush, reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, with his new piece of legislation, The No Child Left Behind Act. This was the largest reform of federal education policy in any generation. However, many believe this Act had little or no impact on Americans. Nevertheless, both candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, plan to keep the act intact but with their own revisions, and both parties stress the importance of every child receiving what they call a “world-class education. (Internation Reading Association: Reading Today: McCain vs. Obama)McCain’s key concept in changing the No Child Left Behind Act, is giving parents and their children the choice of any school through charter schools, vouchers, or tax credits for private schools, while Obama’s main focus is recruiting new teachers and paying them higher salaries; I believe Obama’s plan to reform the No Child Left Behind Act is a more productive plan, and that he has a better approach to reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. The No Child Left Behind Act, NCLB, was introduced on January 23, 2001, immediately after George Bush stepped into office. This act requires all public schools to provide a state-wide standardized test yearly to every student. Schools receiving funding must......

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Dolly Parton

...In To Kill a Mockingbird, she relates to Jem because she helps people and doesn’t let anything bad happen like Jem does for Scout. Dolly helps her community with her attractions, Imagination Library, and just her support of everything. She is an overall good person and has had quite an interesting life. In 1996, Dolly Parton founded the Imagination Library. It’s a program that sends a book every month to a child until the children enter kindergarten. Her vision was to foster a love of reading among her county’s preschool children and their families. It began in Sevier County, Dolly’s home. In 2000, she allowed the rest of the world to participate. The foundation has mailed forty million books across the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom. As the children get older, the Evans 2 foundation has different age appropriate themes. They’re trying to help the children by developing their skills. The Imagination Library is a great program that helps kids develop a love for reading, even at such a young age (Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library). Over Dolly Parton’s lifetime so far, she has had many accomplishments. In 1958, she appeared on the Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour, a show on a local radio station in Knoxville, WIVK. The following year, she recorded her first single, “Puppy Love” (Dolly Parton Biography). At the age...

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Dependence on Technology

...Meghan Humphrey Professor Shae Anderson Advanced Composition 12 October 2013 Has Technology made us lazy? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, technology means the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or solve problems. Technology has advanced so much in today’s society. Cell phones once weighed 2.5 pounds whereas now they weigh less than a pound. Technology has made living life easier by creating cars that are able to parallel park themselves, cellphones that will finish our words and sentences. Noticing all these advancements in technology, it makes me ask myself, has technology made us lazy? Technology is an important factor in today’s world. Technology has improved many aspects of people’s lives. It has improved communication, television, travel, and the World Wide Web. Before the advancement of the telephone, news had to travel by means of stage coach, rail road and postal service. “Whether the communication was an update from one family member to another or an emergency message the outcome was that it was received equally slow” (Cooper). Televisions advancement added a “visual medium to the communication method better than radio” (Cooper). The improvement with news helped individuals follow items such as “weather disasters, presidential elections, and other country news soon after it happened and more recently in real time. This visual exposure has caused individuals to be held more accountable and has kept the public more......

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Accounting Information System

...the computer preparation of the meter reading forms and ending with the mailing of customer bills. 3.2 b. Draw a system flowchart depicting customer payments processing, starting with the mail room operations and ending with the two printed reports. 3.4 Prepare a document flowchart to reflect how ANGIC Insurance Company processes its casualty claims. 3.6 a. Prepare a context diagram and level 0 DFD to document the payroll processing system at No-Wear Products. Context Diagram for the payroll processing system at No-Wear Products 3.6 a. (continued.) Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the payroll processing system at No-Wear Products. 3.6 b. Prepare a document flowchart to document the payroll processing system at No-Wear Products. 3.7 a. Prepare a context diagram and a level 0 DFD to document accounts payable processing at S&S. 3.7 a. (continued.) Level 0 Data Flow Diagram of S&S Accounts Payable * 3.7 b. Prepare a document flowchart to document accounts payable processing at S&S. 3.12 You recognize weaknesses in the existing system and believe a document flowchart would be beneficial in evaluating this client’s internal control in preparing for your examination of the financial statements.</para> a. Complete the flowchart given in <link linkend="ch03fig12" preference="1">Figure 3-12<xref linkend="ch03fig12" label="3-12"/></link>, for sales and cash receipts of......

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Increasing Success at Higher Education

...Increasing Education Increasing success at Higher Education Eng103 By Diamond Whatley Increasing Education Diamond Whatley Eng103 May 4, 2015 We are all aware that learning a foreign language as benefits. But are we overlooking the benefits when it comes to processing higher education? There are many reasons why people learn a foreign language: it can may help you obtain a career in the path of your choosing, increases chances of a promotion, and helps you connect and communicate with many people. However, these benefits tend to be realized after the early stages of one’s education journey. Moreover, a student’s overall interest in learning; in general dwindles over time. By the time a student reaches high school they tend to do the bare minimum to graduate, and that includes taking a foreign language. A student’s interest and attitude toward education greatly effects their success in school and/or life. “We need to get kids interest in learning, to show how it relates to life in the real world...they don’t see the significance …” (Wilson, R. 1988) even though Wilson’s statement is in regards to employment after graduating high school. The same can be applied to, learning a foreign language. Form experience, while in a conversation about learning languages; I often hear “Why are you learning that? You don’t need it right now. Everybody’s learning English.” However, I can see overall benefits beyond the, obtaining a career in the path of your...

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Nasty Nas

...Nafees Bost Professor Jordan-smith English 112 15 April 2013 Nasty Nas Quite possibly the only man to indirectly steal my attention with sheer words alone, such a man would have to be non-other than Nas, or Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. Born the son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas dropped out of school in the eighth grade, trading classrooms for the streets of the rough Queensbridge projects, long fabled as the former stomping ground of Marley Marl and his Juice Crew as immortalized in "The Bridge." Despite having dropped out of school in the eighth grade, Nas developed a high degree of literacy that would later characterize his rhymes. At the same time, though, he delved into street culture and flirted with danger, such experiences similarly characterizing his rhymes. His synthesis of well-crafted rhetoric and street-glamorous imagery blossomed in 1991 when he connected with Main Source and laid down a fiery verse on "Live at the Barbeque" in which earned him instant respect among the East Coast rap scene. Not long afterward, MC Serch of 3rd Bass approached Nas about contributing a track to the Zebrahead soundtrack. Serch had been the soundtrack's executive producer and, like much of New York, had been impressed by "Live at the Barbeque." Nas then submitted "Halftime," and the song had impressed Serch enough for him to make it the soundtrack's leadoff track. Columbia Records meanwhile signed Nas to a major-label contract, and many of New York's finest producers......

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Fairness in Business

...articles noted on the reading list (available on Moodle). B. With reference to appropriate literature, write an essay that addresses the following points: i. Identify the problems businesses face if they only focus on profits and share prices; ii. Explain the importance of fairness in business AND explain what it means for a business to be fair. Fairness is a value that is touted and typically reinforced from childhood onwards. Its association is universally positive. But does fairness have a place in business? Points to talk about: Profit is the key incentive which drives businesses to do better, to keep the business going, and the money can be used to invest further for the business to grow and make better things for the world. However, what happens when the business only focus on profits and share prices but nothing else? What happens if the head of the business is only in it for them-selves, but not for the whole welfare of the business and what the business is for? ->all companies require capital to carry out business activities and sustain themselves. i) Problems businesses face if they only focus on profits and share prices >If treated as pure profit and share prices, business will not be able to grow. (e.g. minimizing costs) >If businesses focus solely on profits and share prices, it may have damaging effects on morals and result to illegal involvement in the industry. E.g. the wall street crash of 2008 >Long-term effects......

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