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Career Planning

What is a Career?
Career is an occupation or a profession, that one undertakes for a long period of his life time & derives monetary benefit from it.

What is Career Planning? * Career planning consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals. * It is way by which one can achieve goals & ambitions successfully * It is a difference between success & failure which always leads to satisfactory results * It is a Vision

Career Planning Process
Career planning process is simple process of self analyzing, self upgrading & self improvement which leads you toward success.

There are five steps to active career planning:

* Self Assessment
Self assessment revolves around the thoughtful consideration, reflection, and evaluation of your interests, personality characteristics, values, and skills through a variety of methods, such as the use of a whole host of career-related tools and instruments.

* Exploration and Research
The career planning component consisting of exploration and research is all about being in information gathering mode. This is the time to explore, collect, and organize all available resources to eventually begin analyzing them to see what top options arise.

Pointers for Exploring Careers * Know more about the career of your choice * Nature of work * Work roles * Emerging trends * Career path / Study route * Prospects * Related careers/ back-up options

* How? * Reading * Surfing * Career Talks * Seminars * Self Awareness Workshops * Career Exhibition * Career Guidance

* Decision Making
The decision-making step of the career planning…...

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