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The systematic and organized procedures, tools and facilities to assist an individual in securing knowledge and skills needed in making plans and services, and in interpreting life. These services provide comprehensive information about opportunities, personality development, effective studying and learning.

Purposes: * Help students recognize, accept and develop their potential, adjust to the school, and develop the skills needed to cope with the problems they meet. * Help young people come to know and accept themselves, their aptitudes and interests. * Teach pupils/students learn to use their interests and capabilities. * Teach pupils/students develop the skills to cope with the problems they meet both inside and outside the school.

Scope 1. Services rendered to an individual and his needs; inventory of each pupil, information regarding opportunities, counseling for all pupils, follow-up on studies, placement, and assisting teachers in case studies. 2. Services to staff members in providing for leadership, in securing cooperation of the staff members, in assisting teachers in utilizing information, in organizing and conducting in-service training. 3. Services pertaining to evaluation of services; follow-up making results available, surveys, securing cooperation of parents and community, and conducting research to further improve guidance services. .

Characteristics of a Good Guidance Service 1. Identifiable aids to assist individuals. 2. Involved in achieving goals of education. 3. Provide for competent leadership. 4. Supported by functional preparations for teachers in guidance services. 5. Based on the knowledge of the needs of the pupils and upon competencies of the staff members. 6. Services made available to all. 7. Needs the cooperation of parents and community. 8. More...

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