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Dissertation submitted to the Institute for Educational Planning and Administration of the Faculty of Education, University of Cape Coast, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of Master of Education Degree in Educational Administration.



Candidate’s Declaration I hereby declare that this Dissertation is the result of my own original work and that no part of it has been presented for another degree in this university or elsewhere.

Candidate’s Signature:……………………. Name: Georgina Agyapong


Supervisor’s Declaration I hereby declare that the preparation and presentation of the Dissertation were supervised in accordance with the guidelines on supervision of Dissertation laid down by the University of Cape Coast.

Supervisor’s Signature:……………………. Name: Dr. (Mrs.) Rosemary Seiwa Bosu



ABSTRACT The main aim of the study was to investigate the extent to which the communities of the New Juabeng Municipality participated in improving access and quality of Basic Education in the country. The sample size for the study was 196 respondents consisting of 20 Basic heads and 20 teachers, 40 School Management Committees members, 40 Parent-Teacher Association Executives, 40 Parents, 13 Education Officers, 13 Municipal Assembly members, and 10 members of Unit Committees. These groups of people were selected using the purposive sampling technique. Research data was collected by means of questionnaire. The study showed that the community members were aware of the need to...

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