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Gulf Coast Electronics

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Gulf Coast Electronics
4668 Bay Highway
Houston, TX 77004-6803
Telephone: 713-555-0175
Web site:

June 1, 2010

Ross McNaughten
ABCO Corporation
8770 Rio Vista Way
San Antonio, TX 78205-1148

Dear Mr. McNaughten,

Our company values the business relationship we have maintained over the last five years of doing business with you. We have always been satisfied with the products we have received, the price and the excellent service your company has provided. We are a higher end electronics company in Houston that offers our service mostly to the River Oaks area which has recently been compared to areas such as Beverly Hills, California. Though our previous orders have been modest, we are in the process of re-evaluating our purchasing decisions in order to make better use of possible discounts due to ordering larger quantities than we have in the past.

However, the past three shipments that we have received from Transworld Shippers have arrived six to eight days past the promised delivery date, and one carton arrived heavily damaged. I’m sure you agree that in order for my company to continue to thrive in these tough economic times, we have to be able to provide excellent service to our customers much like yourself. We have repeatedly requested Transworld to acknowledge and resolve this issue, but have not received a response. In order to continue doing business with you, we are requesting you step in and resolve the situation.

I’m sure you can appreciate the predicament this issue has placed upon us. We value receiving our materials from your company, and wish to expand our business with you, however we are unable to do so until this issue has been resolved. Please call me if you need any further details, or if you wish to discuss this matter fully.


Dana Bennett

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