Gun Control

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Gun Control
Bethany Snook
January 17, 2013
Dr. Rockel Etienne

Unfortunately there was a terrible tragedy that occurred on December 14th 2012 that would change the world forever. This wasn’t any school shooting that could compare to ones in the past but labeled more as a mass murder. It had taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut where twenty children and six adults were fatally shot (Karl, Dwyer, & Bruce, 2013). The 20 year old man, Adam Lanza was help responsible for the shooting and killings when he then turned the gun on himself (Karl, Dwyer, & Bruce, 2013). This event has left out country weeping, broken, and frightened for such a terrible thing to happen in an elementary school of all places. This is why President Obama is trying to create a new gun control law to ban types of assault weapons, ban high-capacity magazines and put a limit to only allowing someone to having 10 rounds in their weapon but, is this going to create peace or is it going to cause more conflict (Karl, Dwyer, & Bruce, 2013)?
Conflict is described as disbelief but, this does not always mean fighting as most people believe (Myers, 2010). Conflict can exist in any situation where desires, facts, or fears start to push or pull people against each other or in opposite directions (Myers, 2010). In this specific situation, the conflict would be what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School and why a mass murder like that should be able to happen in such a place as an elementary school taking so many innocent lives, young and old. Then this leads in what conflict resolution is and how that comes into play. Conflict resolution is a process in which one will try and find a solution to a conflict (Myers, 2010). Usually, this is cooperative talking-together, and collaborative problem-solving process that would lead to a making a decision on a…...