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Nathaniel Ramos
Professor Nancy Lubick
CCJ 120
Jared Lee Loughner shot blatantly into a crowd of people during an event that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords hosted’ called “Congress on Your Corner”
I reacted like any other person would, I was shocked and in distressed. And I was more surprised at the fact that it had happen in the state that I was living in. It just surprises me how the mind of a killer works; you don’t know his first or next move, all you can do is be prepared. Although sadly it’s seemed that preparation was not in attendance that day. I feel that the justice system or us as people can not make the choice on who gets to live and who gets to die so with that being said I totally agree with the resolution.
I believe that justice was served and I agree with the judge on the sentence he gave Jared Lee Loughner. In my opinion I think that if the judge would have gave him the death penalty it would have been in Jared’s favor. I say that because what man thinks they are going to come out alive after shooting at a crowd of innocent people with loaded semi-automatic pistol, in public? He was prepared to die that day. I believe that his mentality going into the shooting was to be killed during or after everything was done. I mean who wouldn’t have expected that? He was shooting at a crowd in public in addition to that the Congress woman was in attendance but yet there were no cops around to gun down the man.
You honestly can’t prevent a killer from killing you can only be prepared an be aware of your surrounding…...