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Gymnastic Failure

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Failure is not an idea unknown or independent to anyone. It encompasses all of us, and it becomes an experience for everyone. My experience wasn’t seen as a major downfall to most, in fact, it was trivial to people unfamiliar with my situation. It was my last season of gymnastics, and I was crushed to learn that I was not being moved up to compete at the next level with the rest of my teammates. While it was in no way a monumental failure that would drastically change my life, it was quite devastating to me. I was adversely affected, I lost all my motivation to compete and all my drive and faith in myself. However, I took valuable lessons away from it. I learned that attitude and effort are always essential, no matter the circumstance, and that nothing is a given. …show more content…
In fact, as a gymnast, I was quite familiar with it. But this was different, it wasn’t the usual trials and tribulations of gymnastics, it wasn’t just ‘work harder next year’ or ‘try again later’. I had been doing competitive gymnastics since I was five and the whole concept was simple to me, train hard, then compete. I had never experienced true failure before during my time as a competitive gymnast. Difficulties with skills every now and then were inevitable, but I had always moved past them with repetition and hard work. But what was so different, what made this failure so foreign, was that unlike before, I hadn’t failed because of my inability to execute a skill or routine, I had failed because of

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