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Haddad's Homes

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Strategic Marketing Management

Haddad’s Homes

Question 1:

Haddad Home is interested in creating complete living environment. Haddad’s home is on well established successful company. The main objective is to maintain a competitive advantages through rivals.


This competitive strategy should include:

- Positioning in terms of operations and management to attract customers.

- Identifying internal weaknesses and strengths.

- Analyze the environment always.

- Positioning strategy to maintain stakeholders.

Haddad’s one and only goal is gain competitive advantages.

Target Market: Government, stakeholders, customers.

Question 2:

The one and only opportunity in Haddad’s case is that recently, the market for new housing improved and customers are profiting from these improvements. On the other hand, there are a lot of challenges:

- High competition, market crowded.

- Always struggling to maintain customers and stakeholders.

- People’s way of thinking about new homes and their lack of trust.

- Government requirements for new homes.

- Imitation of Haddad’s ideas.

So to get this information, we looked at environmental aspects, social thinking, the market, the government.

The target market of Haddad’s is fair enough because it is diversified: Direct customers, B2B, government, and shareholders. So not relying on one side only.

Question 3:

Haddad homes had a distinct position that is different from and superior to rivals. He’s done this by:

- Changing operations to have clear competitive advantage.

- Exceeding expectations by seeking to be...

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