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In the Army communication is vital because, they need to be able to instruct others on what to do; they need to be able to talk to each other throughout the job, the Army communicate through various ways such as hand signals, radio etc... If the Army did not communicate within the job they would not perform the job well; no one would know exactly what they were doing therefore the job would more than likely become very confusing. For example, if there was a conflict that begun and not one of the work colleagues communicated no one would know what job/position they are meant to be taking, therefore the job would become a shamble and would not be completed correctly, this is why communication is very important in the Army.
In the Police communication is also vital as they need to know what is expected from them, if Police did not communicate then crimes that were committed would not be solved, therefore it would make the Police force looked very unsuccessful. For example, if Police received a phone call from a distressed person because their house had been burgled and police officers did not radio through, then the crime would not be solved, this is why communication is very important in the Police force.
Communication has good and bad points, some good points are: Being able to communicate over a large distance, this is vital in the Army and Police as both forces work in a very large distance of one another. Body language, if there was an argument taking place and the police turned up all aggressive towards the people involved, then the people will not calm down causing the argument not to be resolved. Tone of voice, if there was a group of drunken people about having an argument and the Police turned up to calm the situation but the wrong tone of voice was used, then the argument would not be resolved and it may cause the people to get aggressive....

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