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A cold winter night
We enjoy some hot chocolate
Near the warm fire

Leaves blowing in fall.
The calm breeze blowing my hair.
Leaves falling off trees.


The world melts away.
I listen to my music,
And express my mind.

I constantly think.
I express all my feelings.
A beautiful poem.


Syllable Cinquain
Calm wind blowing my hair.
A wonderful cool breeze making the trees sway all around.
Calms down.

Parts-of-Speech Cinquain
White, beautiful
Falling, glistening, dancing
They are all different. icicles Limerick

There once was a young girl named Jill.
She swallowed a fly and grew ill.
She went to a witch,
Who made her eye twitch,
She now lives up on a high hill.

Free Verse

The Meadow
In the meadow,
I lay on the blanket, pouring my heart out with tears.
There sits a basket, full of food, untouched. I’m not hungry, i’m not thirsty.
I get up, and look at the river, flowing gracefully.
I stare, not breaking concentration, and I see my grandpa, with a huge smile.
“Don’t cry,” he said, and then….. vanished, in a second.
A few nights later, he visits me in my dream, with no words.
Just the biggest, and most amazing smile, in the universe.


Winnie Foster
Kind, gentle, clever
Friend of the Tucks’
Who likes the Tucks’
Who wants siblings
Who really was shocked about hearing that the Tucks’ live forever
Resident of Treegap
Beautiful girl

Hermione Granger
Smart, pretty, magical
Friend of Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter
Who likes being magical
Who wants to learn more
Who really is brave and amazing
Resident of Hogwarts in London


Beautiful is white
It sounds like calm, classical music.
It smells like fluffy, white marshmallows.
It tastes like sugar.
It looks like a beautiful wedding dress.
White feels like a soft blanket.


Pretty, smart, funny, unique
Sister of Imaan and Aalyaan
Lover of chocolate
Who feels magical
Who needs an extra mind to handle things
Who wishes for good lives for everyone
Who loves family
Who would like to see world hunger end
Lives in Chicago


Fabulous Intelligent Zippy Zany Awesome

Wonderful Amazing Hyper at times Emotional sometimes Expert Diva

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