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Hainan to Become an International Tourism Island

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Hainan to Become an International Tourism Island In 2010, Chinese Government delivered the “fundamental future blueprint and action plan for the development of Hainan International Tourism Island over the next few years.” This implies that Hainan, the southernmost as well as the only completely tropical, island province of China, is going to open its arm to the entire world and to focus on attracting foreign visitors while continue to welcome people from inland China. Located in the South China Sea and separated from the mainland by the 24-km Qiongzhou Strait, Hainan is 33 920 km2 in area with a population of about 7.79 million people in 2002, comprising 1.34 million (17.2 per cent) ethnic minorities.(Kai Gu, Geoffrey Wall, 2) To most Chinese, Hainan Island is a paradise which is unaffected by pollution yielded from heavy industry; it is also a wonderful place to spend the long, freezing winter of people from northern China. The fresh air, the moderate climate, the brightly shiny white beach, the natural formed hot spring, the clear seawater with colorful marine organisms and the abundant tropical plants and fruits are all the tourism resources attracting tourists year after year since ancient dynasties of China. However, with the restriction of inconvenient transportation and unopened policies of old time Chinese government, the mass tourism with foreign visitors had never formed. With the new policy declared, government will definitely put immense fund to pump up the foreigner-focused tourism industry, but how will the policy influence Hainan? This paper seeks to answer this question in the context of whether people residing on Hainan Island are going to benefit from the “opening-up” policies. Base on the social, economic, and environmental changes which the island has experienced, is experiencing and will experience, there are three possible...

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