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Hair Career Goals

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Introduction: Growing up as a little girl I knew that I would do anything to make my dreams come true. I knew that I would not let anyone stand in the way of my goals and dreams. My passion is to become a business owner of my own hair salon or beauty salon. Being the youngest out of my sister and me, I knew that I have a lot of pressure and expectations to follow behind. My parents always put pressure on to do well in school and go above and beyond especially when it came to grades. I remember the first time in middle school when I brought home a C on my report card. I was so disappointed and scared to show my parents. At that young age, disappointing my parents was not an option I had or something I wanted to experience. I remember going …show more content…
I want to own a hair salon or either a beauty salon. I want my hair salon to be for everyone. I want my beauty bar to have all services like manicures, pedicures, spa, and facials. I absolute love talking about beauty products and hair products. I am that girl who is always teaching people about new hair tips and new beauty products that I have tried. I constantly pictured myself owning my business. I want to be able to set my own rules and ethics for my brand. I not only what to own my own business but I want to own a successful business. To me owning a business and a successful business is to different things. I want to start an empire of salons all across the world. Then eventually open my first salon outside of the United States. I also want to have employees who believe in my brand, just as much as I do. From this article, one of the main lesson was “You're not hiring employees, you're building a team” (Braxton). I want to improve on my communication skills, business skills, marketing skills in order to reach my goal of opening my own business one day. I want to be one of the youngest black woman that little girls look up too and say “that I want to be just like her one day”. I want to make it a priority to teach women but also make sure I am teaching those who are less fortunate as well. I want to teach them how to have healthy hair and how to manage their skin and what healthy products to use. I would like to be able to give back to my community as well. Overall, I want to be one of the greatness

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