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Hajj Esaay

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With reference to the source above explain how the hajj affects the lives of both individuals and the Muslim community.

The Hajj is the obligatory six day annual pilgrimage by approximately 2 million Muslims to Mecca in Saudi Arabia every year. The Hajj is a significant practice of Islam as it is one of the 5 pillars of Islamic faith and involves a spiritual, mental and physical journey. It is an obligation which must be undertaken by all Muslims if they are financially, mentally and physically fit enough to pursue the once in a lifetime journey. Muslims go on the journey to; commune with god – be in his presence and worship him, to wash away their sins, to fulfil one of the pillars and to express their Islamic beliefs and promote equality and share the pleasing experience with a global community of Muslims all there for the same reason. The importance of the hajj is also emphasised in the Quran as “a duty owed to Allah”.
The implication of the intensity of Hajj is one of which individuals learn skills such as determination, perseverance, patience and control of human will In fulfilling this service, man expresses his devotion to Allah, not only by performing rites which need physical effort, but he expresses also his deep spiritual devotion to Allah and spends of his money for His sake. The Muslim community is also affected through the local communities who involve themselves in the preparation for the Hajj. International media coverage is also gained from the enormous gathering of the Hajj encouraging the Islamic community to take part. Thus the effects of hajj on individuals and the whole Muslim community are evident.
The Hajj pilgrimage involves many steps and rituals which challenges a Muslim, mentally, psychologically and physically and affects their life and the whole Muslim community accordingly. The Hajj unites the global Muslim community in Tawheed…...

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