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Hajj Essay
Hajj is an integrated part of the life of a Muslim because of its position as one of the five pillars of faith. This pillar expresses the obligatory pilgrimage to the Ka'ba in Mecca that all followers are expected to take at least once in their lifetime. This experience has great effect on the Hajjis that partake in the pilgrimage as it unites the Muslim community, the umma, and bring them closer to Allah and the core teachings of their religion. The community also receives positive effects from this significant practice due to its unification.

Hajj is composed of many rituals that symbolize important events in the history of Islam which are represented in the Quran. As Hajjis perform these rituals, they are reinforcing their belief in the Quran and their submission to Allah. "Perform the pilgrimage and the visit [to Mecca] for Allah" Surah 2:196.
Hajj takes place on the 8th to the 13th of the last month of the Islamic calendar, Thul Hijjah. Before undertaking the pilgrimage, Muslims should pay debts and correct past wrongs as Hajj is seen as an opportunity for new beginnings. When the pilgrims arrive in Mecca, they travel to a Meequat where they dress in two pieces of white cloth known as an Ihraam. This is part of the significance of Hajj as boundaries felt in everday life such as culture, ethnicity and race are removed be similar dress, uniting the umma. There is also variation seen here as women are permitted to wear any colour they please as long as their garments are modest. They are not allowed to wear a veil however.
Hajjis walk around the Ka'ba seven times in a clockwise direction while they are in Mecca. While they are doing this, Muslims chant. While men are allowed to chant loudly, women are only permitted to talk loud enough to hear themselves. Seven is a symbolic number in Islamic scriptures and therefore this ritual brings…...

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